Why then should you bother

Globe2.5 The World of Llowellen’s intended audience are experienced and mature groups already familiar with role playing and with the d20 System.

Fans of d20, d20 Past, d20 Modern and The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game should all find something for them in the World of Llowellen. Those already familiar with and fond of Monte Cook’s variant Player’s Handbook, Arcana Evolved, will find that this is a world built upon those rules in addition to the themes and concepts introduced in Malhavoc Press’ Anger of Angels and Bastion Press’ Faeries.

It is designed for players who appreciate story at least as much as they do action. It should appeal to those who like to explore more mature themes in their games than are typically presented in a gaming book.

It is designed for those who might wish to experience a more interactive campaign setting. Devoted online support, through Obsidian Portal, provides several benefits to a fan of the World of Llowellen. Firstly, it provides a community in which to enjoy and discuss the world. It is also a place to gain news on upcoming projects. Thirdly, it provides a means for players to contribute to the direction of the campaign by participating in design discussions and polls or by submitting their own work for inclusion on the site.

Finally, it allows gamers who are unable to find a group in which to play locally a different way to play online and still enjoy the World of Llowellen. How? If you’re reading this, and you wish to participate in a World of Llowellen campaign please come by the forums, we always new players.

And you can’t say fairer than that!

Why then should you bother

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