Globe3.7.bmpOriginally published in Monte Cook’s Arcana Unearthed, and later in Arcana Evolved, the verrik of Llowellen make their homeland upon the islands of Ken’ Kazuki. They are a reserved and aloof people. They place great value upon social decorum and aesthetics. They love beauty and harmony whether it is in the natural world around them or in their own relationships. The elderly are accorded the utmost respect and this highly structured etiquette extends all the way down to the lowest and poorest commoner. Verrik have a similar height and build to humans, although they tend toward trim builds. Their skin tone is a coppery red. Their hair is either albino white or deep blue-black.



Physical Description:





Male Names: The Doomsayer.
Female Names: .

Racial Traits

  • : .
  • base land speed is feet.
  • Automatic Language:
  • Bonus Languages:
  • always gain Knowledge () as a class skill.
  • Racial/Evolved Levels: .

Verrik Levels

Hit Die: d

Skill Points at 1st Level:
Skill Points at Higher Levels:
Class Skills:

Armor Proficiency:
Weapon Proficiency:


The Evolved

Artwork by . Used with love and not permission.

Cartography by Ian Hewitt.