The Princess Parizade

The Princess Parizade is a Royal Airship built for speed, comfort and luxury (she was built under duress by the fabled genie-shipwright Parizade). Her main deck boasts a Royal Suite, quite literally outfitted for a king; spacious and comfortable passenger quarters, an extensive kitchen and stables for giant eagles. Princess parizade ship

The myriad decks throughout the ship are easy to get lost in and have long proven difficult to count, but they contain an expedition room outfitted with extensive maps of the known world and charts of the Fey roads; luxurious cabins and suites for the officers and Ship’s Captain; crew quarters; cabins for the cooks, the ship’s scribe and the ship’s doctor.

The Princess Parizade offers a massive hold, a chapel with an impressive library, a dining hall, a tavern, and even a garden. How it manages to provide so much in such a sleek craft some two-hundred and fifty feet long and less than sixty feet wide is testament to the ingenuity of Genie craftsmanship.

The ship is powered by a fire-infused purple worm that is trapped in a living ring of fire that forever encircles the main decks in a powerful inferno. The Princess Parizade can fly to uncharted heights at terrifying speeds and still maintains a great maneuverability.

The Princess Parizade

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