Scorpus are the undisputed masters of the deserts of Farid; the sibeccai may rule the City-States, but it is these man-scorpions that dominate the open sands.

Scorpus appear as lithe, olive-skinned humans from the waist up; below the waist they have the tough sandy-yellow exoskeleton of a scorpion. They are a nomadic people that live in small family bands that are always on the hunt, never idle. Scorpus tribes hold the northern nation of Ahrimesh as their ancestral homeland. The nomads, who survive by raiding as often as they trade or lead foreign caravans across the dunes, have made semi-permanent villages, called Holds along the coasts. Only two permanent cities exist, Tur-Habban in the far north and Tur-Ushpaq on the shores of the Band-e Amir mountain lakes. Both are the sites of annual pilgrimages where thousands upon thousands of scorpus gather to celebrate their holiest of days.


Scorpion king


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