Globe2.7.bmpLycanfey are a branch of mankind with shapechanging magic that is influenced by the moon. They tend not to co-exist well within urban societies and so most make their homes in the wild and live, if not alone, then in small family communities. Lycanfey consider themselves to be the Goddess’ most blessed children, why else would they alone have the ability to live both as Man or Animal?


A lycanfey in his natural form is a hybrid or human and animal, his features exaggerated, exotic and otherworldly. As a man the lycanfey appears more or less nondescript, although some features of his animal nature is always present. For example, a werebadger might have salt and pepper hair, a wereboar might be hairy and have an underbite and so forth. The most common animal forms include: badgers, bats, bears, boars, crocodiles, dolphins, jackals, jaguars, leopards, manta ray, rats, ravens, rhinos, sharks, and wolves. As an animal, the lycanfey appears indistinguishable from other animals of its type, to all but other lycanfey.



Physical Description:




Language: Fae and any local.

Female Names: Amarta, Delsenora, Jehnna, Saia or Teega.
Male Names: Angriff, Farrian, Jendai Fudo No, Karyl Mustel or Kheris.

Lycanfey Racial Traits

  • : .
  • base land speed is feet.
  • Automatic Language:
  • Bonus Languages:
  • always gain Knowledge () as a class skill.
  • Racial/Evolved Levels: None.

Artwork by Tony DiTerlizzi and Rick Sardinha. Used with love and not permission.

Cartography by Ian Hewitt.


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