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The World of Llowellen? It’s like Narnia meets Pan’s Labyrinth!

Globe2.1 The World of Llowellen is a homegrown D&D Campaign Setting that uses Monte Cook’s Arcana Evolved as it’s core ruleset, in addition to the normal healthy dose of house rules. As they say these days, if you know how to play Third Edition D&D, 3.5 or Pathfinder then you know how to play Llowellen.

The World of Llowellen is designed, much like an anthology, to encompass more than one story. It will include one-shot games, short adventures and extended campaign arcs that can accommodate a wide variety of characters from 1st level to the epic heights of 25th level. My_Dice.jpg

The World of Llowellen is actively seeking players. If you are interested in an online game, we are currently running two Play-by-Forum games and one real-time game played at this Game Master’s virtual table using the free, and totally amazing, Roll20 software. You can catch up with all of our past adventures in the Adventure Log and keep up with the current games on our Forums.

Below, you will find a growing number of campaign pitches. As a DM, I am always imagining the next adventure arc and coming up with more campaigns than I could ever possibly run. I do have the time for one weekly live game, however… and so I offer these campaign pitches. I would be more than happy to run any one of them, for a committed group of players…

The World of Llowellen
By Doug Harris, Donna Hewitt, Ian Hewitt, Joettle, Jub Jub Jhubsten, MacGreine, Purple Fruit Newt, Rivinson & Davide Serricchio

Dedicated to this GM’s Mum without whose endless cups of tea, ginger cake and marmite sandwiches many a campaign would have faltered and died. Thanks Mum!


Tales of The First Age.

The First Age of Llowellen is an epic-level campaign in every sense of the word. The desert land of Farid is the focus of the First Age, and it is primarily inspired by the Dark Sun and Al’ Qadim Campaign Settings.

The First Age is a time of flying carpets; of trapped genies and vengeful elementals. The players might be thieves sneaking through a fairy Prince’s palace or slave gladiators fighting for their lives in the arena. Players might be desert nomads raiding caravans lost in the trackless sands; or they might be Unseelie Templars policing the streets of the mightiest city-states the world has yet known.

This is a young world, with powerful magic but limited technology. Many of the weapons, armor or equipment that players may be used to owning will not yet be available to their First Age characters. But for all these limitations, magic has never been stronger and the races themselves will never be as physically powerful again as they are during the First Age.

No great heroes have yet arisen and no terrible villains yet stand in the way of those who might. The peoples of the Ancient World possess an immense untapped potential. Most of the world is virgin frontier, unexplored, unclaimed, uncivilized and unspoiled. The opportunity for those mighty enough to grasp it and shape it as they will shall never again be so great.


1. Genesis. Season Four (An Incredible Journey)
An ongoing Play-by-Forum campaign and the original World of Llowellen adventure path. This game is about to begin a new season and would welcome new players.

2. Chattel
An ongoing Play-by-Forum adventure. Looking for new players.

3. Gladiator!
Next Games: Saturday, February 15th @ 9am (MT) / Sunday, 16th March @ 9am

For those who are about to die… An online game played using the Roll20 Virtual Tabletop. Gladiator! is a casual drop-in arena combat game, you show up, roll for initiative and we fight! Pre-generated PC’s are available for anyone who wants them, if you’d rather use your own, just make sure I’ve seen your character sheet before fight night.

4. A Merchant’s Wish
A campaign pitch: A sequel campaign to the Genesis and Chattel games.

Tales of the Second Age

The Second Age of Llowellen is centered upon the lush and steamy jungles of Rajiin, a land that has long been shrouded in darkness and mystery. The Second Age Campaign Setting is influenced by the pulp genre novels, Tarzan, Conan, and King Kong as well as Dungeons & Dragons’ classics such as the Isle of Dread and modern day movies like Apocalypto. It is a place of thick tangled rainforest, active volcanoes and mighty river systems; it is a place of ziggurats and sacrifice; of waterfalls and verdant natural beauty; a place of lost civilizations and wilderness, and birthplace of the draconis.

The draconis have awoken and these mighty dragons now rule massive empires and city-states around the globe. Although life under draconic rule is secure and peaceful for most, it is a heavy yoke for some to bear. Many people fear a loss of freedom and liberty, the Fey fear that they have been surpassed as Anwen’s favored children. The Heavenborn long to discover a means to subvert the draconic stewardship of these new nations to better serve their Ever-After War.

A Second Age Player Character might be a lizardfolk, they are the most populous race and the dominant Rajinni culture. Player Characters might also be kobolds, hunting and scavenging on the very edge of civilized society, in the jungle canopy. PC’s might also be weretigers prowling the mountains and jungles far from any town or village, or they might even be the sea elves or merfolk who ply the great Konname and Hakarine Rivers making their living as adventurers, explorers, merchants and pirates.

But whoever they are, rare is the person who does not glance toward the sky to see if a massive winged shadow is headed his way. Powerful forces are beginning to muster during the Second Age of Llowellen, and those unprepared will be swept up and left adrift and hopeless. It is a time for all to question their values and to decide once and for all what, and who, they are prepared to live and to die for.


There are currently no Second Age games running and planned for the future. If you are interested in running your own Second Age Llowellen game, please pitch it to me (and I will very likely be your first PC!) and we can include it in the current line-up.

Tales of the Third Age

The Third Age of Llowellen represents the default setting that players expect of a traditional Dungeons & Dragons campaign. Epic levels are now so rare that they are all but unattainable. The times and technologies are loosely synonymous with those of medieval Europe and yet magic both arcane and divine remains a significant and powerful force in the world.

These Early Middle Ages of Llowellen are a time of ominous portents and grim omens. The Mother-Goddess Anwen is mortally wounded and slowly dying. Her passing will bring the decline of the Fey races and begin the slow fading of magic from the world. But these are events that have only now been put into motion and have not yet come fully to pass. They remain grim realities of the distant future, foreshadowed by the terrible events of these days and foreseen by an unfortunate gifted few.

The ancient times are coming to pass and little remains to hold the Mortal races in check with the balance of nature’s ways. Indeed, mankind seems to have evolved to become the antithesis of the old ways as ancient forests and felled, rocks quarried from the earth and metallic alloys forged and manufactured to construct cities that stand proudly defiant of the Mother-Goddess and as the harbingers of a new age.

Baba yaga

The featured setting of the Third Age is The Feyen Isles. This small island realm is a land of temperate woods and tangled forests. The northern coasts of these lands are mired in cold marshes and wetlands, while the western shores are dominated by rain soaked highlands and mountains. The seat of the Seelie Court and The Resplendent Throne has ever been in the small land and the people here have long been loyal to Anwen and the Old Ways. But these are changing times, the Fey are retreating, their lands diminishing, mankind is beginning to control areas that were once denied or inaccessible to them.

Players of a Third Age Campaign have a great diversity of options available to them from the indigenous faen, centaurs, satyrs and werebadgers to the immigrant gnomes and the foreign bugbears, and wereboars. The aquatic elves, merfolk and sauhagin found in the surrounding oceans are also familiar faces in The Feyen Isles.

  1. The Forlorn Waste
    A campaign pitch: A very dark, very dirty, very gritty campaign that promises a high mortality rate for those players tough enough to risk it…

Tales of the Fourth Age

The mighty continent of Summan, the largest landmass in the world, is the focus of campaigns set within the Fourth Age. Almost 10’000 miles from east to west and over 3’000 miles from north to south this a massive land. In the wooded pastoral western lowlands live the gnomes; in the warmer climates of the north live giants; and in and under the mighty mountains of central and eastern Summan can be found the dwarven cultures of Llowellen.

These three dominant races account for many diverse young kingdoms and nations that rise and fall – as do others around the globe – constantly quarreling with, befriending and betraying their neighbors. The older faiths of the world are repressed, bullied or simply forsaken and forgotten in place of the more modern religions of zealous Jahangir and the almighty Shoshannic Church. The whims of mankind, be they religion or riches, war or charity will be the guiding forces of the Fourth Age and mankind shall stand or fall upon their own two feet as the times of the Old World come to a final close.


  1. Dwarrowdelf, (or Anwen’s Grave)
    A campaign pitch: A super-dungeon, probably with dragons, ready for any players who are ready to get back to basics.

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