Design Philosophy

Globe2.4 The World of Llowellen is an entire world. Most campaign settings focus upon a single continent or two, but in the World of Llowellen it is possible to travel right around the globe visiting different lands and cultures every step of the way. Because of this, the setting can offer play in all climates and environments from the traditional quasi-European setting to arid deserts, thick jungles, endless grasslands, frozen poles, or the very depths of the world’s oceans.

It will appeal to players who want to race across endless plains and prairie on the backs of giant ferrets with the noble, nomadic halfling peoples of Cilgarren. It will appeal to players who want to explore the thick and sticky, ever-tangled jungles of Rajiin and to worship amongst the kobolds and lizard folk at the foot of mighty ziggurats.

Players who appreciate a more traditional style of play will appreciate Summan where gnomes, enigmatic ogre mages, and fierce wereboars live among the hills and forests of the west; where a mighty dwarven empire spreads beneath the east, at war with a nation of bugbears and with their own wicked cousins, the derro; and, where empire-building giants from the north seek to enslave one and all.

Fans of the fey will be drawn to the Feyen Isles, a small, wooded, misty land populated by the faen, a mortal race closely resembling the fey, and their neighbours the centaurs, the satyr’s and werebadgers.

Players who enjoy pyramids and deserts may want to join the lion-headed litorians of Skenfirth; and those who prefer a more dark Arabian theme may choose to ride flying carpets with the sibeccai of Farid and barter wishes from genies, if they dare.

Players who enjoy psionics, or more mystical, philosophical games might locate their games in the verrik empire of Ken’ Kazuki.

Fans of the elves will find the mighty forests of Anupam, with it’s squabbling nations, above and below the ground, and among, and within the trees an exciting place to play. Others might choose to sail the oceans or swim beneath the waves with aquatic Kalanese elves of the Isles of Tuyen and the ocean beds themselves.

The truly adventurous players may choose to set their games within the Sunless South pole, a frozen tundra where minotaurs ride flying sohr whales, goblinoid tribes eke out a difficult living in the ice and snow, hunted by frost giants and vampires.

The World of Llowellen has massive scope. The planet is as huge and diverse as our own Earth (actually, it is a little larger). Every continent and ocean is described to bring them to life and yet, because of the grand size of the world, there is still plenty of opportunity for individual GM’s to tailor campaigns to suit their own groups.


The World of Llowellen provides an equal context and home for all races. Llowellen is not a world that is dominated by humans with the demi-human races existing as fringe citizens or as the remnants of ancient but long lost civilizations. The World of Llowellen gives each race a home and a culture that is unique to them. Players who like to play gnomes will find that they have their own continent, their own nations, and their own cultures, histories and societies – and so too, do the elves, dwarves, litorians, sibeccai and all other races.

But humans are not forgotten or neglected. The beautiful continent of Anaru, a land of arid desert, humid rain-forested mountains, warm, stunningly beautiful coastal regions, dotted with islands and barrier reefs is home to the humans of Llowellen. They are a relatively isolated people, with a tumultuous relationship with the Kalanese sea-faring elves, some of whom trade with them, but many of whom take them for slaves.

The World of Llowellen offers three different themed levels of play. Players might play traditional Mortal characters such as humans and halflings or faen and verrik, but they might also play the Fey or Heavenborn races.

The Fey are a collection of fairy races who were once charged, by the Mother Goddess, with the stewardship of the Mortal peoples. The Fey pay little attention to the political boundaries drawn by the Mortal races, and they have national borders of their own drawn upon the ley lines of the planet and not influenced by river or coastline. Their society has since become split into an aggressive schism with differing views on how to fulfill their responsibilities.

The Seelie Court, ruled by Queen Titiana, remain loyal to the Goddess. They seek to protect the environment and wild places of the earth, to gently support and guide the Mortal peoples to do the same, but to otherwise refrain from meddling in Mortal affairs. The Seelie Court is held on the slopes of Mount Anwen, the tremendous World-Mountain that rises out of the Kalani Ocean south-west of the Feyen Isles.

The Unseelie Court, ruled by The Sand King, is held in the sprawling metropolis of Ishtaduk, in the deserts of Farid. They interpret the Goddess’ will very differently, and as protectors of the Mortal people they wish to educate the Mortals. They teach them agriculture and magic, engineering and warfare, and in return they expect gratitude in the form of worship. The nobles of the Unseelie Court install themselves as living God-Kings whose very word is the law.

The Heavenborn races are angels and devils, who have chosen the World of Llowellen as a battlefield on which to fight their eternal Ever-After War, each struggling to win the hearts and souls of the Mortal peoples. A Heavenborn Campaign would appeal to players who want to explore the outer planes, in addition to the mortal material world.

The World of Llowellen has a living history. Whereas most campaign settings are designed at a fixed point in time, Llowellen is designed from the ancient days of the earliest civilizations all the way to a modern world with aircraft, mass media and the Internet. This book details the Old World, future books will focus on the Ages to come. This exciting world history has other benefits too: Characters might travel the Fey roads between the years and experience the different Ages from the perspective of time traveling explorers; the characters in one campaign might be the ancestors or descendants of those in another allowing the GM to plot and run an epic generational saga; players might build a castle in one campaign and then visit the ruins of that same castle hundreds of years later in another game. Players wishing to play a traditional pseudo medieval/European game can do so in the same campaign setting that also supports players who prefer Ancient World, Victorian, or Modern games – or indeed any era you care to name.

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The World of Llowellen is a campaign setting in which a group can truly invest. The world is under constant development, an ambitious project that will take some time and a great deal of love and effort to complete.

In many ways every gaming group takes a published setting and tinkers with it until they make it their own. Their own heroes and villains, adventures and stories shape the world in different ways. The World of Llowellen is large enough that it can support many of these individual stories. Fans and players of The World of Llowellen enjoy an open invitation to submit their adventures, their characters and villains. The very best of these will see print in future products or enjoy an online presence at the author’s blog. In this way, a group can feel they have a greater sense of investment in the setting than they might have in others.
You are invited not only to play in and explore the World of Llowellen, but also to become a part of the world and to help discover its full potential.

The World of Llowellen is built upon the very best that the Open Game License has to offer. Llowellen will offer new mechanics, races, prestige classes and the like – but its focus shall remain on providing the fully realized world within which to utilize those rules. With works like Monte Cook’s Arcana Evolved, Anger of Angels4, and Faeries5 to name just a few, creating new and exciting rules’ options would be a difficult and daunting task. Instead the World of Llowellen celebrates those rules by thanking their designers and highlighting and supporting their existing works.


Design Philosophy

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