Anwen's Age (Prehisoric Age)

Anwen’s Age, or Prehistoric Age

The World of Llowellen, when viewed from the perspective of the Tenth Age is a world dramatically different from Age to the next, and almost unrecognizable across the entire span of the Ages. But Modern Age historians enjoy the benefit of extensive research libraries, exhaustive historical documents, radio, television and the Internet. These tools only facilitate Mankind’s understanding of the world as a place of endless variety and possibilities. but things were not always this way…


In The Beginning

Before the creation of the World of Llowellen, Shoshanna the Greater Goddess of All Creation, existed alone in Heaven. She created the first Heavenborn as angels of pure spirit to both serve Her and to sing to Her, Her praises.

Shoshanna knew at the time of the first inception that they would not be infallible, omniscient beings like Herself and that within them would be the potential for failure. To ensure that they succeeded in their duties, Shoshanna created many Heavenborn – each different in type and purpose. This way She believed that if one failed another would be able to carry on it’s duty.

When Shoshanna gave birth to Anwen, the Greater Goddess of Llowellen, She appointed Her Heavenborn to keep a vigilant watch over every facet of Her creation – from the tallest mountain to the smallest fleck of dust. Impossible numbers of angels were set to watch and maintain the non-physical realities of the World of Llowellen such as the seasons, the weather, love, hate, kindness and anger, the stars and planets, light and darkness. This was a time long before even the First Age would begin. It was an ancient epoch known as the Prehistoric Age, or Anwen’s Age.

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Anwen creates Mankind

Shoshanna gifted Her daughter with the power to create life. First came the halflings, litorians and merfolk of the oceans and all of the animals and beasts of the world.

And later came the centaurs and satyrs; the bugbears, gnolls, goblins, hobgoblins and orcs; the derro; the dwarves, elves and gnomes; the ettin, giants, minotaurs, and the ogres; the faen, verrik and walrusmen; the humans and the shapeshifting lycanthropes; the kobolds, lizard folk, scorpus and trogoldytes; the locathah and sauhagin; and, lastly, there came the sibeccai.

Collectively, these Children of Anwen were known as Mankind, or the People of Llowellen. They were blessed with the potential for intelligence and with free will, beyond that which was possessed by the animals and beasts that lived upon these virgin world.


The Fey

This was an idyllic time of peace and harmony for Mankind and the Mother-Goddess Anwen. But Anwen recognized the potential for great good as well as terrible evil in the newly born races of Mankind. Anwen wished to guide them along the path of Neutrality in order that they maintain the natural order and balance of her worldly paradise. In order to do so, Anwen created another race – the Fey – to watch over and gently influence the development of her children.

The Fey races were immortal servants of Anwen. They were beings created in the image of Shoshanna’s angels and they were as much a part of the natural world as the grass and the trees, the rock and the soil, the sand and the sun. They were the blossom that had flowered from the world and from Anwen’s simple joy and love for her paradise. It was they who would ensure that Anwen’s world would remain unspoiled and that Mankind would revel and flourish in their freedom rather than wilt and die.

Fey society was a matriarchy, ruled by Queen Titiana from the Resplendent Throne deep in the tangled thickets of the Feyen Isles. The Seelie Court was a nation unlike any Mankind would ever know. It encompassed every continent and ocean of the world watching over and protecting each and yet claiming none.

Under the guidance of regional Queens and Princesses’, each of whom ruled their own separate lands, the Fey co-existed unseen for the most part, with Mankind. But their presence was none the less felt.

The Fey bestowed such gifts as beauty, kindness and potential upon newborn children and nurtured them with gently whispered guidance, rather than with spoken instruction and direction. It was through the subtle influences of the Seelie Court that Mankind discovered the gift of fire; it was after hearing their unseen voices whispering in their ears that Mankind began to paint and to create objects of art; dreams visited upon Mankind in the deepest of sleep led them to discover song and music.

But, always, the Balance of Neutrality was maintained and Anwen smiled down upon her paradise from her Womb-Grove atop Mount Anwen happy with living and evolving World of Llowellen.First age

Such was the way of things for over 140’000 years. The Ages of Llowellen would not truly begin until the Children of Anwen slowly began to emerge from their primitive existences and to truly shape the world they lived in and their own destinies. That time would begin in the First Age and once begun would continue unchecked until the present day and likely far, far beyond.

Anwen's Age (Prehisoric Age)

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