The Greater Goddess of All Creation
The Shoshannic Way, Creator of Anwen

Portfolio: Creation, Law, Order, Truth
Domains: Knowledge, Law, Light, Protection, Sun
Favored Weapons: Mace, flail

Description: The Shoshannic Way was all but unknown during the First Age. In those earliest of days, the Shoshannic Way was known only by a smattering of Prophets and Oracles throughout the world, most notably the druid Alias Al’Kila who wrote the Book of Alias, one of the religion’s most revered texts.



The Shoshannic Way has only one True God, and that is Almighty Shoshanna. But the Shoshannic Way is not a truly monotheistic pantheon, because Shoshanna created many Lesser Gods throughout The Beyond. The Mother-Goddess Anwen, is but one of these Lesser Gods (see Maps: Big Blue Ball).

Note: The information on the Shoshannic Pantheon is written for the Second Age and onwards. As described above, the Shoshannic Religgion in the First Age was truly in it’s infancy, barely a handful of people had yet heard of Shoshanna, much less these others.


Solaris, around which everything turns, has been revered throughout the Ages. In the Thalian Empire, where the Tholst Games are held in his honor, the Colossus of Solaris was built. This statue, 333 feet tall represents Solaris as a youthful giant with a halo, standing in a chariot, wearing a billowing robe. Shrines to Solaris are always built facing the sunrise.

Portfolio: Sunrise, dawn, birth.
Domains: Protection, Renewal
Favored Weapons: Mace


Hermes is the God of Trade and Profit, Merchants and Travelers. In art, he is portrayed holding a staff with two intertwined snakes and a purse, and dressed in a wide cloak, winged sandals and winged hat. Clerics of Hermes are often viewed as loose cannons by the wider church, because of their wanderlust; but they do much to promote trade and explore new trade routes.

Portfolio: Trade, Profit, Merchants, Travelers.
Domains: Protection, Trade, Travel
Favored Weapons: Warhammer, Quarterstaff


Turan is the Goddess of Love, Health and Fertility and she is the Patroness of the City of Vulci. She is usually portrayed as a young woman with wings. The pigeon and the black swan are her symbolic animals. Clerics of Turan worship at grand parties where poetry is recited and music is played, they have little time for more formal churches. They seek to perform an act of kindness or love every day, and to inspire others to do the same.

Portfolio: Love, Health, Fertility.
Domains: Charm, Protection.
Favored Weapons: Whip


The God of War, Mavors, is portrayed as a warmain wearing a crested helmet and bearing a shield. His sacred animals are the wolf and the woodpecker. He is forever accompanied by Fuga and Timor, the personifications of Flight and Fear. Most paladins favor Mavors, and his clerics are usually soldiers or officers within the military.

Portfolio: War, Courage, Strength
Domains: Protection, Strength, War.
Favored Weapons: Battleaxe


The Hidden One is the God of Wind and Ruler of the Air. He is a lover to Anwen and the father to Duna, her moon. Amun’s symbol is the ram. He is portrayed as a powerful, naked man with a ram’s head and a feathered crown. His clerics study the clouds for omens and portents and are skilled archers and huntsmen. They concern themselves with everything under the open sky.

Portfolio: Wind, Air, Clouds, Birds, Archery
Domains: Air, Animal
Favored Weapons: Longbow, dagger


The Goddess of Rain, Irrigation and Farming, Ninurta is sister to Anwen. Ninurta is a shy, quiet Goddess who rarely appears to mortals and who prefers solitary prayer to large services. She is portrayed as a matronly women with a sickle and is accompanied by a large, shaggy dog. She is revered by those who toil in the field and served by the majority of Shoshannic Druids.

Portfolio: Rain, irrigation, farming.
Domains: Animal, Earth, Plant, Protection
Favored Weapons: Sickle, scythe.

Father Sky

The God of the Sky and husband to Anwen. He is portrayed as a regal and imposing Grandfather figure who often wears a wide brimmed hat from which pours water and lightning. His clerics are diplomats and explorers, seeking to meditate their way past any opposition – but furiously aggressive when provoked.

Portfolio: Sky, weather
Domains: Air, Travel, Water.
Favored Weapons: Shortspear


Nereus is a wise yet strong God of the Oceans. He is known as the Old Man of the Sea. Nereus has the gift of prophecy and can change himself into any shape. His clerics often serve on merchant vessels or maintain shrines on the docks where they can serve and protect the lives and livelihoods of those who live upon the waves. They are known to be a stern and indifferent lot.

Portfolio: Oceans, the sea.
Domains: Destruction, Knowledge, Water
Favored Weapons: Trident