Polar Regions: The Northern Wastes and The Sunless South


The north pole is a frozen ocean of massive ice floes, glaciers and ice bergs with growths of bare frozen rock emerging here and there from the frigid waters. A dangerously inhospitable land that few would ever dare to call home.

Often called the ‘northern lights’ these splendid displays of light can only be seen in the darkest night skies of the Northern Wastes on, or around, a new moon.


This southern pole is tundra and frozen land, perpetually in the grip of a terrible blizzard. The skies above this land seem never to lighten from their storm-darkened state and the land below is continually blasted with blizzards, ice storms and lightning. The oceans for miles and miles about are never still – great crashing waves break ice floes upon jagged cliffs and the rains lash unceasingly from the heavens.

The Sunless South is populated by a hardy breed of semi-nomadic gobinoids and the mighty sohr – a breed of humpback whale that swims, not in the ice-choked ocean, but gracefully through the air. The Sunless South has ever been a dangerous land additionally populated by such races as vampires, minotaur and giants.









Polar Regions: The Northern Wastes and The Sunless South

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