Old Faith, The

“She is the weird-maiden, mother and crone – a female trinity that encompasses all of of Heaven and Earth, all living and dying. She conceives the King in her womb, she suckles the King at her breast, she buries the King among roses.”

- J. Robert King, Mad Merlin (2000)

The Greater Goddess of Llowellen
The Mother Goddess, Anwen’s Way, Anwen’s Path, The Old Faith

Symbol: A circle divided into quarters representing the four elements; a female figure or figurine emphasizing a pregnant belly.
Portfolio: Nature and the Fey Order. The elements and animals. The earth and the weather. Love, Freedom and The Balance of Neutrality.
Domains: Air, Animal, Earth, Fire, Plant, Water.
Favored Weapons: Quarterstaff, sickle.

Description: The Old Faith is a worldwide matriarchal organization, loosely based out of the Seelie town of Market, in the Feyen Isles. It’s clergy is almost universally female and more than two thirds of its members are Fey or Fey-Kissed. Most Priestess of Anwen are greenbonds. They are joined by a handful of magisters and akashics. Champions serve as the bulk of The Old Faith’s martial order along with many unfettered, even among the soldiers, women are the dominant gender.

Anwen’s Priestess’ tend to be introspective, they spend long hours communing with nature and among animals. Whenever they gather, they defer to the oldest among them (not the most powerful, which is a man’s way of thinking). They always strive to understand the larger whole, to view a problem within it’s context and as such they are often accused of being slow to act. When the Sisters of Anwen do directly intervene however, it is often with great focused intensity.

The Old Faith’s origins are shrouded in the mists of the Prehistoric Age, it is considerably older than any other world religion. The Old Faith revolves around nature and the environmental forces that bring life and death in equal measures upon the world. The Sisters of Anwen wander the World of Llowellen to experience all that it has to offer, and they seek to use their god-given powers to heal and protect the planet wherever it is threatened.

Dogma: The Mother-Goddess is the World of Llowellen. Anwen’s body is the planet itself, a living, sentient Goddess that gives life to everyone who walks on her soil, breathes her air and drinks her water.

The world is your temple. Worship the tree and the grove; send your prayers to the mountain peaks and upon the ocean waves; do not build stone temples and mosques.

Mankind are the beloved Children of Anwen. The Children are to be nurtured and protected by the Fey Races through the influence and guidance of the Seelie Court. The Seelie Court should never directly intervene, but should provide the Children of Anwen with the guidance they need to make the right decision.
The Seelie Court should remain a matriarchy. The Queen of the Seelie is permitted to visit the Womb-Grove in order to commune with Anwen. Men and Fey should live harmoniously with each other and at one with nature.

Place your faith in yourself and know your neighbor; cities and nations are to be distrusted, Kings and Tax Collectors are to be opposed.

“Listen to your Mother, be good, behave, and do what thou will!” So say, the Sisters of Anwen.


The Old Faith is a monotheistic religion. However, Anwen employs three distinct avatars when she is seen walking the world (something which she does with less frequency as the decades pass). While the majority of Anwen’s priests follow The Old Faith as it is described above, a few focus upon one single aspect of Anwen’s nature.

The White Witch

The White Witch is the most feared of Anwen’s avatars, appearing as a fearsome, crook-nosed, cold-eyed gnome witch brandishing a battered broomstick that has icicles in place of bristles. The White Witch is often accompanied by an arctic beast, whether it be a polar bear, an ivory-white wolf or a line of waddling penguins.

The White Witch most often appears during the winter or in those lands where summer never arrives; but wherever there is bad weather, particularly dangerous weather, it is rumored the Witch-Bitch is not far behind.

The Priestess’ of the White Witch are always called witches, but in fact, half of them are actually greenbonds. They are a moody and often unkind branch of the faith. They don’t care for pleasantries or etiquettes, and must have things their way if a storm is to be avoided. They preside over funerals, and help people to survive the winter and any inclement weather that might threaten their livelihood.
Portfolio: Winter, Cold, the North Wind.
Domains: Air, Animal, Strength
Favored Weapons: Shortspear, Shortbow

Mother Peg

Mother Peg is a four foot tall, matronly dwarven woman of advanced years. She wears huge, muddy, steel-toe capped red boots, a voluminous dress and knitted shawl. Mother Peg’s bristly cheeks are always rosy, and she is rarely without an infectious smile. Mother Peg is always accompanied by, sometimes surrounded by a collection of assorted, domesticated animals: dogs, cats, goats, small birds, even farmyard animals.

Those Priestess’ of Mother Peg are almost all greenbonds. They often have large extended families; frequently, the matriarch of a local family “is one of Peggy’s,” as they like to say. They serve as advisors (whether the advice is requested or not) to their immediate family and their neighbors. They mediate between squabbling family members, serve as midwives and provide advice to local farmers and shepherds.
Portfolio: Home and Family
Domains: Plant, Protection
Favored Weapons: Sickle, club

Bronwen, the Thrice-Kissed

Bronwen appears as a young elven woman, a trail of petals spilling from her hair. She frequently appears naked swimming in a mountain lake or running across the moonlit meadow; if she is clad at all, it is in a wispy, diaphanous ghost of a gown. Bronwen is often accompanied by a handful of doves, as well as butterflies and bounding bunny rabbits.

Priestess’ of Bronwen are dreamers and philosophers, forever searching for true love or free love, and for beauty in all that they see and experience. They give guidance and blessing to young lovers, they perform marriage ceremonies, they write poetry and song. Birth Day is the most important holiday on the calendar for these Priestess’.
Portfolio: Summer, South Wind, Love, Romance, Beauty, and Comfort
Domains: Air, Healing, Plant, Protection
Favored Weapons: Shortbow, Net, Whip

Old Faith, The

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