Oceans of Llowellen


Asdis Ocean

These northern polar waters are a treacherous place indeed. Massive glaciers and almost constant arctic storms make travel here nigh impossible.

Hakenwash Ocean

The southern polar ocean is not a great deal more hospitable to life than the Asdis, but even so, intrepid goblinoids have traveled further across this ocean than any others.

The giants and the minotaurs who live in The Sunless South her the flying sohr whales from above these dangerous waters.


Kalani Ocean

The great Kalani Ocean is the deepest and mightiest of all the oceans. Warm and balmy in the south, cold and frozen in the north where it meets the Asdis Oceans. The Kalani has been the home of the aquatic elves and their allies throughout the ages. On the ocean’s surface in the east, the aquatic peoples of the Tuyen Isles have long dominated the waves of the Kalani.



Kaleo Sea

The Kaleo Sea is blue-green and warmly tropical where it approaches the steamy western seaboard of Rajiin but it cools long before it passes the Feyen Isles and reaches the fabled depths of the Kalani Ocean. The Sea is infamous for it’s sharks, of which there are many and more. The eastern Kaleo has long been used by merchants and warships to trade warfare and commerce alike. Fishing vessels from Bateman’s fen; square-sailed cogs from the Kingdoms of Wisbech and Mucking; clinker-built longships out of Gelderland; Rajinni slavers and pirates; and the intrepid galleys from Bilbali and the Kingdom of Couronne but few will sail west of The World Mountain.

Irukandju Cay: This region of the Kaleo Sea is an extremely deep, undersea wilderness inhabited by sea monsters able to drag down solitary vessels with frightening ease. The rare ships that brave these waters often do so lashed together with thick chains, their crews armed with pikes, harpoons and bows to drive off the giant octopi and sea serpents. Sharks of unbelievable size follow in the wake of these unlucky ships like vultures of the waves.

Below the waves, the Cay has long been torn by warfare; kuo-toa and aboleth maintain outposts throughout the Cay and savage battles are frequent above and below the waves. The domed strongholds of the men-fish cling to the upper reaches of the cliffs or atop subterranean plateaus. Shaboath, city of towers, floats within a sphere of mucous and creeps slowly about the Cay at the whim of it’s aboleth masters. The western Cay is the undisputed territory of a monstrous kraken, the likes of which the world has never known, nor would ever choose to again.


The Maw: The ferocious storms and vicious creatures of The Maw are the stuff of seafarer’s legend. Few ships will brave the bottomless open waters, preferring to hug the coastlines. Much of the undersea city of Olefin has long since slipped into The Maw, it’s remnants cling to the dark subterranean cliff side. The Kalanese who live there still, never venture across the open waters of The Maw without very good cause.


Akamu Sea

The temperate northern waters of Akamu seperate the four mighty continents of Cilgarren, Rajiin, Summan and Skenfirth.


Khulet Sea

The more tropical southern waters are dotted with hundreds of tiny islets, coral and barrier reefs and shoals as they approach the jungle coastlines of Skenfirth. These warmer waters are infamous for the sudden and dangerous changes in weather and for the chain of deep-sea volcanoes that extend some 1’000 miles from the Skenfirth coastline.


Ikiki Ocean

One of the world’s smaller oceans, the Ikiki Ocean is bordered to the north by the Anupam and Summan coasts and it extends south to 60 degrees latitude and the Hakenwash Ocean.


Oceans of Llowellen

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