III. Gladiator!
(Roll20 Virtual Tabletop)

A series of gladiatorial contests held in the Unseelie Colosseum during the First Age.

The Next Games: Saturday, February 15th @ 9am (MT) / Sunday, March 16th @ 9am (MT)

The Unseelie Colosseum has seen many thousands of gladiators come and go. Some are slaves, others are criminals, still others are freemen, soldiers and mercenaries and yet upon the bloody sands of the Colosseum they are all just: Gladiator!

A gladiator rarely knows what they will face when next they step onto the sands. Will they be fighting criminals sentenced to death? Or a chained wyvern? Will they be fighting alone? Or will they be placed as part of a team? Will the arena be empty sands? Or will it be rigged with mechanical and magical traps? Will the gladiator even be armed? Or will they be expected to improvise? And the most important question of all: Will the gladiator survive to fight again?

Arena hours:
Saturday, February 15th, 9am – 3pm (MT)
Sunday, March 16th, 9am – 3pm (MT)

On game day, I will post a link to the game in the forums. No downloads or complicated software to wrap your head around; webcams and microphones are preferred, but not required. If you plan to play, please RSVP through the events calendar so I can buy enough beer and treats, although walk-ins remain welcome.

Pregenerated characters are available, simply follow the Characters tab (to your left) and enter "Gladiator!’ in the Character Quick Search field. All characters are available for play first-come-first-served, so please claim your character on the forum. If you’d rather create your own gladiator, you can do that too, just so long as I’ve seen your character sheet a day or two before game night.

This is a great opportunity to experiment with online play without committing to an ongoing campaign. It is also a great way to field test character classes or builds that you might not otherwise play with. And for those players who aren’t afraid of a little PvP-action, well, that always gets the dice flying and the blood boiling…

Fight to the death

The Rules of the Sand


169 gladiators have entered the Dar Games – they will fight in matched pairs from sundown to sunrise, assigned by random drawings. These matches are no weapons barred, magical or mundane. Spell-casting and magic item use is permitted and unrestricted during the bout but no magic may be prepared beforehand and all participants are screened by the King’s Templar’s before entering the arena.

Gladiators must remain within the confines of the arena (or no more than 40 feet above it), but no rules infringe upon the combat itself. A match ends when any gladiator cries “Mercy” of their own free will. An entire team, or a matched pair will lose if just a single member of their team surrenders. A gladiators may fight to the death, if they choose, and the fight is not lost simply because your partner was killed.

The winners may choose any single item, each, from the losers. This might be a weapon, item, armor, magical or mundane, or they might claim the loser’s money pouch. By the morning, 13 gladiators must have been eliminated, either by their consent or their death.

If less than 13 gladiators have been eliminated, the requisite number of under performers (as decided upon by the Arena Templars) will remain in the arena, under the rising sun, until only one is left standing.

The Dar Games will continue for 13 days until, during The Closing Ceremonies, the City of Yhakkoth will return to the Sand King his long-missing Royal Airship, the Princess Parizade.

At these celebrations the sole Dar Champion will be granted a public audience with King Maloc and be permitted to take the Champion’s Plea (whereupon, they are allowed to name their own reward: riches, titles, power or a unique request of The Sand King. If the King is
pleased, he may even grant your wish).


1800 –
Drusilla the Unblooded & Rikard the Bull (VICTORS)
Cpt Doud & Hagga the Howler

1830 –
Reka the Snake & Rikard the Bull (VICTORS)
Amarta the Swift-Legged & Gondric the Spear (DECEASED)

1900 –
Reka the Snake & Smith Khalid (VICTORS)
Timor the True & Sgt. Zalcoor

1930 –
Cpt. Doud & Smith Khalid (VICTORS)
Engra the Strong & Master Sintha (DECEASED)

2000 –
Reka the Snake & Chron Velitus
Jaqueel the Swimmer & Tithian Mericles (DECEASED)

2030 -
Etthuul the Crone & Chron Velitus (VICTORS)
The Fisherwoman & Rhona

166 gladiators remain on The Rolls, 10 more need to be eliminated before sunrise…


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