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A monthly online game, pitting player versus player, using Monte Cook’s Arcana Evolved rules at the Roll 20 Virtual Tabletop.

The Next Games: To be arranged…

The Unseelie Colosseum has seen many thousands of gladiators come and go. Some are slaves, others are criminals, freemen, soldiers or mercenaries. But, no matter how they came here, upon the bloody sands of the Colosseum they are all equal. They are all: Gladiator!

If you want to play Gladiator! choose a gladiator from the list below and RSVP on the forum. On game day, I will post a link to the game in the forums. You only need to follow the link – there are no downloads or complicated software to wrap your head around; webcams are optional, microphones are preferred, but neither are required.


For those who are about to die…

169 gladiators entered The Dar Games, an annual 13 day tournament held to celebrate summer’s end.

It has been only a few hours on the first day and 166 hopeful gladiators remain. They each hope to be the single victor, who will be named Dar’s Champion and rewarded with a wish, with their very heart’s desire, from His Unseelie Majesty, The Sand King.

The following gladiators are still contenders and are available for the next games on a first-come-first-served basis. Claim your gladiator on the forums,

Amarta the Swift-Legged, female wererat. 5th level unfettered.
Captain Doud, male giant. 2nd level warmain/1st level giant.
Chron Velitus, male litorian. 1st level litorian.
Drusilla the Unblooded, female giant. 1st level fighter/1st level giant.
Engra the Strong, male sibeccai. 3rd level sibeccai/3rd level mage blade.
Etthuul the Crone female lizard folk. 3rd level lizard folk / 1st level champion of life.
The Fisherwoman mermaid. 1st level ritual warrior.
The Green Mamba male, dwarf. 6th level rogue / 5th level fighter.
Hagga the Howler male, dwarf. 2nd level barbarian.
Jaaqueel the Swimmer male, sahaugin. 5th level bard.
Korinna the Pirate female giant. 10th level unfettered.
The Doomsayer female, verrik. 6th level magister.
The Orange Crush male, hobgoblin. 9th level barbarian.
Reka the Snake female, dwarf. 2nd level rogue.
Rhona female, spryte. 3rd level conjurer.
Rikard the Bull male, dwarf. 2nd level warmain.
Sgt. Zalcoor male, fey-kissed sibeccai. 9th level champion.
Smith Khalid male, sibeccai. 1st level sibeccai / 1st level fighter.
Sparks Imperium male, quickling. 2nd level unfettered.
Timor the True male, fey-kissed sibeccai. 12th level champion.


The Rules of the Sand

The contests begin at sundown and they continue until sunrise.

King Maloc presides over the Games and the rules of the sand are subject to change at his whim. Traditionally, the Sand King, changes the nature of the combats on a daily basis. This year, the fights have begun with a night of matched pairs.

These matches are no weapons barred, magical or mundane. Spell-casting and magic item use is permitted and unrestricted during the bout but no magic spells, items, potions or the like may be used or prepared beforehand. All participants are screened by the King’s Templar’s before entering the arena and cheaters are not treated kindly.

The gladiators must remain within the confines of the arena (or no more than 40 feet above it), but no rules infringe upon the combat itself. A match ends when any gladiator cries “Mercy” of their own free will. A matched pair will lose even if only one of the partners surrenders. Alternately, gladiators may fight to the death and the fight is not lost simply because your partner was killed.

Partners are assigned by random drawings, so a gladiator’s partner in one fight may well be their opponent in the next. Gladiators are expected to tend to their own wounds between bouts; if they are not able to fight, they are considered to have surrendered (which will forfeit the match before it has even begun).

By the morning, 13 gladiators must have been killed or rendered unable to continue. If less than 13 gladiators have been eliminated, the requisite number (selected by the King from among the worst performers) will remain in the arena, under the heat of the rising sun, until only one is left standing.

The Dar Games will continue for 13 days and the final victor will be granted a public audience with King Maloc where they are allowed to name their own reward: riches, titles, power or a more unique request of The Sand King.


1800 –
Drusilla the Unblooded & Rikard the Bull (VICTORS)
Cpt Doud & Hagga the Howler

1830 –
Reka the Snake & Rikard the Bull (VICTORS)
Amarta the Swift-Legged & Gondric the Spear (DECEASED)

1900 –
Reka the Snake & Smith Khalid (VICTORS)
Timor the True & Sgt. Zalcoor

1930 –
Cpt. Doud & Smith Khalid (VICTORS)
Engra the Strong & Master Sintha (DECEASED)


2000 –
Reka the Snake & Chron Velitus
Jaqueel the Swimmer & Tithian Mericles (DECEASED)

2030 -
Etthuul the Crone & Chron Velitus (VICTORS)
The Fisherwoman & Rhona

166 gladiators remain on The Rolls, 10 more need to be eliminated before sunrise…


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