Forlorn Waste, The

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A new campaign for 4-6 players, coming in 2014.
WANTED: 4-6 players.

Further south than any tax collector would ever venture, across the mighty waters of the Ethros River lies the Forlorn Waste. Stretching south to the Belekov Mountains and further east than anyone has ever dared travel the Forlorn Waste is a war-ravaged and haunted wilderness where no sane person would live. But the filthy hamlet of Wenflet exists there, nonetheless.


This wretched collection of criminals and drifters, every one of them desperate and hopeless, eke out an existence on the far fringes of civilization. Wenflet, is nothing if not a place of new beginnings and sudden endings.

Now an intrepid band of explorers descends from the mountains seeking passage to Thales; these brave travelers have made the perilous journey from distant Uberwald, over and under mountain, beneath the flag of their Prince. Can these explorers find safe passage across the Forlorn Waste when no other has ever done so? Or will they, too, pass through Wenflet only to disappear without ever being heard from again?


The Forlorn Waste Character Creation

Races: Please select your race from the following list: Centaur, Derro, Dwarf, Fey-Kissed, Gnome or Lycanfey.

Level: 7th.

Class: Please select your Class from the following list: Akashic, Barbarian, Bard, Champion, Cleric, Druid, Fighter, Greenbond, Mage Blade, Magister, Monk, Oathsworn, Paladin, Ritual Warrior, Rogue, Runethane, Sorcerer, Totem Warrior, Unfettered, Warmain, Witch or Wizard.

Ability Scores: Please use the Non-standard Point Buy System (see your DMG 3.0 or 3.5) to generate your ability scores. Your character may spend 22 points, but remember that your character gained an extra ability point at 4th level.

Feats and Talents: The following books may be used for selecting feats: The Player’s Handbook, Monte Cook’s Arcana Evolved, Transcendence, The Complete Book of Eldritch Might, The Books of Hallowed Might, The Book of Iron Might, The Book of Roguish Luck, Book of Exalted Deeds, Book of Vile Darkness, Book of Erotic Fantasy, Curse of the Moon, Faeries, Anger of Angels, Airships, When The Sky Falls and Requiem For A God. Please do not include any feats or talents from any other source.

Arms & Equipment: You may equip your character using the above books.


Backstory: The players are a well established group of adventurers from Uberwald. They have survived long enough to reach 7th level and have achieved a certain level of fame in Uberwald. It was for this reason that the Prince of Uberwald contacted the PCs with their charter to explore possible new trade routes to the far north.

Forlorn Waste, The

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