Farid, The Continent of

Globe3.9.4.bmp“At night the desert is rife with diabolical things.”
Nick Cave, Lonely Creature (Murder Ballads)

Farid is hostile desert world, where hope and kindness is as rare and fragile as the desert oasis. It is an Arabian-themed setting of high fantasy and dark themes. Despite its apparent hostility to life, Farid is the cradle of all civilization. The continent of Farid is located south-east of Skenfirth and separated from the north-eastern coasts of Summan by the Khuletian Straits. Farid is the bone-dry homeland of the dominant sibeccai, scorpus and lamia peoples and their mighty and ancient nations of Ahrimesh, Banu-Sippar and Ishtaduk.


All three of these hugely populated nations depend greatly upon trade, with each other and with distant foreign nations. Their lands share a deeply hostile and unforgiving climate and terrain that have shaped the indigenous folk into a hardy, self-reliant and defiant people that it would be unwise to cross.

The arid deserts are over 1’500 miles from east to west and more than 1’000 miles from north to south. The sands are dotted here and there with verdant oases but they are otherwise a barren and thirsty land of ever shifting dunes of sand and starkly bare mountains of rock.






Farid, The Continent of

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