Eastern Summan, The Continent of

Globe3.9.3.bmp The mighty continent of Summan is the largest landmass in the world. Almost 10’000 miles from east to west and over 3’000 miles from north to south this a massive land.

Summan stretches from the chilly southern waters of the Hakenwash Ocean to the balmy beaches of the Khulet Sea in the north. Summan is covered in vast forests almost from coast to coast, temperate for the most part, these ancient trees become alpine in the higher elevations of the central and eastern mountains. The lofty twin peaks of Mounts Cenek and Ctennen reach further than 35’000 feet above sea level.

In the wooded pastoral western lowlands live the gnomes; in the warmer climates of the north live giants; and in and under the mighty mountains of central and eastern Summan can be found the dwarven cultures of Llowellen.

Eastern Summan

The biggest settlements in Eastern Summan are Thalian colonies along the Khuletian coastline. There are few folk hardy enough to make a home upon the slopes of the Belekov Mountains and few do. Isolated homesteads and small communities of hill dwarves and lycanfey can be found around the coast but none further inland. Bugbear tribes hunt the alpine forests and, beneath the peaks of the mountains and rarely seen under sun or stars live the mountain dwarves.


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Eastern Summan, The Continent of

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