Book of Alias, The Scorpion Prophet

The Book of Alias Al’KilaGlobe2.2.bmp

(written by Doug Harris)

Book One

Behold, a great and glorious awakening among all tribes and peoples.
A new dawn of Truth brings springtime to all lands.
That Hope and Good will soon prevail over the Darkness.
We have slumbered far too long.

And Lo there is a land where we shall be shaken from our dreams.
As in the Oasis of Muan; great fires from the stars falling upon the world.
Never fated, Bliss itself cannot flee the calamity.
Yet perseverance also fails?

I say unto you that black times and Darkness shall never stand
Victorious over the mortal paths.
Our place and existence is essential to the nature of creation so fear nothing
Brothers, and sisters…

Take heart that the land is strong.
Even in the face of death.
With a gentle wisdom it waits until winters’ thaw.

When not by the hand of man
Do even the red apples blossom.
And so it shall come to pass as the Universe sees our secrets.

I bring good messages to the peoples of all creation – but I also bring grave warnings.
We have strayed too far from the Truth, yet, behold, the Truth has been found anew.
Regardless of our petty mortal errors the covenant has been restored.
And in these times
The Huntress Anwen rides upon blackened nights.

Hope flows from circumstance and it drew wane upon the land.
Brave guards and merchant kings crept in darkness where some even prayed,
Calling upon the emptiness of tradition, false and dead.

Yet even within such utter chaos and despair Shoshanna sent unto them a flickering light
that might revive and encourage them.

Book Two

Far, far upon the sea and far lies a land unknown to many.
Upon this land lives a prosperous and humble race of tribes.
From the fourth house – called Al’Kila, came a descendant of
Great fishermen and sea travelers.

Upon the sea and farther from shore than prudence would allow, my brothers and I were
Caught in a mighty storm. The tides pulled us further from shore.
We fought the gale but it overtook us.
Four were lost and four were saved.

Upon the second day tossed at sea only Shoshanna blessed us with sustenance and water.
Elven sea traders found us all upon the open sea.
We were delivered into slavery over submission to death.
Yet this fate served a greater purpose.

Delivered unto death in a strange new world
The new life of Shoshanna came to save it.
Like a torch in a cathedral cavern far from sun
The light of Shoshanna will burn into the darkness
And the darkness will not overcome it.

Behold, a messenger has arrived!

Book Three

O ye fair ones… so soon to perish
My pleas are unanswered as you turn your back
And deny the unutterable Darkness.

ARAH – holiest of Angels upon Llowellen
Cast her first spear upon the Sibeccai lands
And blessed the defeat of thieving sorcery.

For it is written, if thou would prey upon the dead
Or the undead, thou shall reap what ye sow
Scattering unfit seed upon sallow ground.

The wrath of Shoshanna will befall all such abominations
With all Mercy upon the soiled mortal souls
But none for their masters.

A native woman, Quin, of noble blood and fey
Stood proud aside the Prophet
Echoing the quiet wrath with a mighty sword.

The very ground itself did tremble and give forth strong root
To confound and capture our worthy quarry.
And the Angel gave radiant fight
And our enemies fled and were destroyed before us.

Book Four

And it came to pass we arrived in the City of Yhakkoth
Upon the black cloud of rage and anger
The people were strong but fearful
Folly upon the hearth of evil
A cancer upon and beneath them.

A desert land of much faith and pride
Ruled by confident God-Kings of great blessings and magic
Fey lords of great power and influence
Thwarting the will of all good providence
Upon their selfish whims and mortal entertainments.

Hark! As unto the night sky comes burning sorrows
So do the False gods of the UnSeelie invite sadness upon the earth.

Noble in bearing and dressed in finery
The fans and fronds and imaginary symbols
Suggests not true power but only dominion over lesser beings.
As a man can command a horse or a King command a Slave

This is not worthy of praise
There is no honor in out-wising a child
And in their foolishness and vainglory the Fey Court have failed their wards
The gates were left open and wolves of hollow despair have entered.

And of the people who serve and worship them and allow this?
They are as a stray hungry dog that happens upon a dry bone
It gnaws and gnaws until the bone splinters and pierces it’s mouth
Now the bone is good – it brings forth broth and blood
Feeding upon itself unto death.

Lo, a great darkness has cursed this land
Where masters slept and servants hid in the day shadows.

But the good servant will pour water upon the stable fire first
And then inform the master; the bad servant lets the barn burn
Before politely waking his god and asking permission to put it out.

This city must awaken from its’ slumber or it will surely perish
Verily, verily, I say unto you a great Evil has befallen this land.
As the fruit seller knows to move her crop to follow the shade from sun
Lest it be spoiled or rotted or ruined
So we must follow shade into the darkness or face eternal night.

Shoshanna brings Light to all worlds and lands: to all people’s and tribes, her Blessing.

Book Five

It came upon the land, a great curse
Both from inside and from outside did the price insist to be paid
A Child of Light did walk among the City of Yhakkoth
and those who saw her either perished or bowed in humility,
Save the Princes of Goods and Selfishness who stood amazed,
They would not pray at her Alter of Being
but they admitted salvation even without gratitude.

It was a temporal storm of darkness and mist
chased from the light of the Star-Child’s aura
I, Alias did witness this miracle
as did Quinvera the Brave, and many others within the broken city.
Though the pillars and towers stood high and strong,
it was from the interior that a jagged crack ripped their proud beauty
I have seen this very city lain into dust and ruin
ravaged by time and the winds and the blowing sands

But on this day was celebration for Light had triumphed over darkness.

Deep into the catacombs below the cursed streets,
where above noble slaves were kept,
those who watched neither the stars nor the earth,
and those who by fate alone were captured prey upon the wicked
held knowing and accepting, awaiting another master.
To be bought by those who served a False master themselves
the inequities of generations still blind even after that Light
that canceled the darkness that surrounded it.

In the deep did I, Alias, Prophet of Shoshanna, find doom most unkind,
for the angel was but a puppet to serve my vanity and willfulness.
An evil imposter that I, Alias, deeply sinned to believe a friend
easily swayed by flattery and arrogance, I walked near furies great

Yeah – greater than pain or death or servitude is slavery to oneself
for in the darkness, a greater darkness,
Outside: the lies and filth and the trappings of despair and darkness
and inside: lurked pride and entitlement and easy mysteries
solved upon the looking-glass of a desert oasis;
the bearing in the reflection even now a cursed fool
for he who fails to look deep within will forget to serve his master,
to serve himself instead which is the path to Eternal Darkness!
That no being on Heaven or Llowellen can offer deliverance!

Save SHE … the Great Mother Shoshanna, God of all Gods!
Maker of the Universe, Queen of All Creation and Glory unto light and darkness!

For in error did I walk, regardless of the deeds and the light we fostered
and inside the Dark was a spinning wheel. A silver orb of great radiance
that echoed a song unsung on this Anwen’s World – either now or forever.

And did at this time the dark Angel Arah reveal herself:
A Thief, a Spirit-Killer, a Dream-Stealer, and an errant Servant of Destruction!

The true heart of Quinvera the Brave did know this truth before the Prophet
so blinded in vain-glory and selfishness!
The fey-touched sibeccai shall be forever blessed as a Seer of True Light,
even in darkness where a candle burns but as a flicker,
and the wind and water of all time will never quench nor quell this flame of truth.

But in haste and doubt did the Prophet stumble and stare.
Driven to quick indecision in the face of all reality and knowledge pure.
It was SHE, Shoshanna, who in Her mercy did spark the flame to grow,
to add fueling oils upon the withering wick of doubt and deception.

The Child of Light did walk with cleanliness and honor upon all the city
and the Darkness did flee or become one with Light without shadow and lost forever.
Where False Gods do gloat in False Glory did again the Goddess Shoshanna have Mercy,
For the City was spared as the Child did leave.
To pay the holy price of both inside and outside, the living who remained
the gratitude of the people was honor and treasure,
but it was also to return to old ways and to live in fear anew under their lying false gods

Book Six

It came to pass that the Prophet would not partake in celebration,
Nor would the lessor pretenders heed the Truth of Shoshanna,
Nor would they heed the Truth of Anwen the fair Daughter and Queen of the World,
Nor would they prostrate themselves and beg for Mercy for their Sins as the Prophet instructed.

They plotted to kill him and place him in shame among the enemies
To give testimony he was in league with a demon,
Which was partially truth, but hidden between light, in darkness,
In a confusion wrought by the Prophet himself.

Instead the False Gods persuaded one another to capitulate.
At least in words, in deeds, of the moment,
And in humor, did they offer mild praise and offer rewards for service.

Quinvera the Brave was treated according to the custom of her people,
and in her Vision of Truth Alias did praise her as well.
But the Little Gods continued to plot against the Prophet,
and the Prophet rejected them,
and fled the city in his shame and error.

Lo it was not shame over the lies of the false gods!
Never would their falsehoods inspire doubt!

It was the darkness within the price that demanded payment
the fuel of the fire from the smallest lamp was almost spent
and only fasting and prayer would refill this cup
crusted so with foulness in the stagnant waters of the Oasis of Dead Truth.

The worship of self nearly led the Prophet to despair,
he flew high up into the Heavens upon the blessed wings of Shoshanna’s power
and thought to drop himself from a great height.

A crazed gull diving into a sea of sand to crush his mistake from all existence
but the Holy Voice whispered into his unworthy ear
and it spoke thus:

“Does not a Shepherd walk among the fields to protect his sheep?
And should one innocent lamb become lost,
does the wise Shepherd abandon the flock to seek just one?
From outside doeth come the wolves to prey upon, and feast, and slaughter
Where the lost lamb may seem temptation
the greater of the tribe shall be strong?
Does not the wolf have a right to eat?
Should an honest beast starve to serve the whims of Man’s profit
when the Man’s children are safe away from the fields?
For every Servant has a Master,
even the wild beasts must answer to their ways.
Anwen will call them and command them “Eat! Drink! Run! Sleep!”
Do they kill for pleasure or need?
Is the wolf thus Evil for not serving the whims of the Shepherd?
And all are Servants! ALL save Shoshanna! ALL are Servants.
The lambs to the ewes, and the ewes to the rams,
And the rams to the Shepherds and the Shepherds to their Masters,
Who, in turn, are but Servants themselves,
On up and up, to the earthly ways of Kings and Queens.
And if it is said, do not kill your wards by your Masters,
And you kill anyway,
Are you criminal and disloyal for not following their commands?
And if it is said, KILL your wards by your masters
And you refuse to kill,
Shall not Heaven and Mercy itself follow you forever
even upon the Master’s whip or gallows?"

The service of a lie is Injustice, but if the lie is believed true
the service must be judged of itself.
If the actions in service of injustice are not pure, there will be no forgiveness
and the flier should shut his wings and fall to earth.

However, if the actions stand pure, the intent of the service will be judged
and deliverance can be justified.
But LO – let all who serve any Master consider this deeply
for following the command of any, be they noble or impure,
It is not the commander that will be held highest when Judgment falls,
But the action of following the command.

The wicked are not blameless even if tricked or deceived
Our truths must stand forth beyond all conventions and protocols,
For it is the deeds of the Servant
Not the fabrications of those who would claim power over them
Should a False God tell you to kill your kind and burn the forest
What is worse? Accepting the order true and walking in blindness?
Or the killing and burning?
For have not both Sins been committed?

Retreating from the wicked city,
the Prophet did gnash his teeth, and ponder these words,
He lived amid the rocks upon the arid desert and communed with scorpions.
He ate worms and maggots, and drank the thick blood of thirsty jackals and birds.
He slept inside a dark cave filled with insects of all shape and sizes
and often become one with them
Skittering for days on six legs, or eight,
Praying for the humility, he has so freely traded for pride
He fasted for 12 days and 12 nights before,
he returned to Quinvera the Brave on the edge of the city.

-A Testimony of Alias Al’Kila, Servant of Shoshanna

Book of Alias, The Scorpion Prophet

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