Anupam, The Continent of


“The Hallelujah Mountains are floating islands that circulate slowly in the magnetic currents like icebergs at sea, scraping against each other and the towering mesa-like mountains of the region… The mountains float like clouds among the fixed mountains and swirling cloud structures. When they are in clear sunlight they cast distinct shadows on the land below…

They are overgrown with foliage at the top and straggly beards of vines hang down beneath the mountains like the roots of air-ferns. Their sides are sheer cliffs. Waterfalls, originating on the mesa-like tops, stream down the sides and disperse into spray at the bottoms, like upside-down geysers. The mist then condenses on other floating mountains and flows over the side and disperses, renewing the process over again."

- The Hallelujah Mountains (Avatar Wiki)

If you were ever to wander beneath Anupam’s massive copperoaks, tangled bramblewoods and towering teakwoods you might soon remember the world does not need us, at all.


The ancient and impossibly tall forest is an undeniable reminder of a prehistoric age, of a time long before the rise of Mankind. The verdant continent of Anupam measures more than 6’000 miles from east to west and almost 2’000 miles from north to south; much of the seaboard is warmly tropical and only inland do the endless forests and eternal woods become more temperate.


Ever the homeland of the elven peoples, Anupam gave birth to several significant civilizations during the Old World but none during the First Age. The elves do not live in towns or cities, but among the deepest forest, not a single nation has yet arisen.


Elven villages are remote and difficult to find by cunning design. They are small communities, self-sufficient and built high within the branches of the tallest trees. The living limbs and trunks provide floors, roofs and walls to an elf’s lofty home.

The largest of all elven settlements is the community of Orissa in the Indra Valley and it is home to less than a thousand people. Their secluded homes, unseen in the trees above, gather around a large meadow clearing and a gentle green hill. The hill is home to a fest hall, storehouses and a simple temple to the Old Faith.

A handful of settlements along the banks of the mighty Vinh-Kien River might have a population of several hundred, but elsewhere across this vast continent, the elves of Llowellen live in isolated homesteads and hamlets that are beholden to none but The Goddess. They live alongside a sizable lycanfey population who enjoy the same humble rural lifestyles.


And the Fey, of course. Anupam’s Fey respect the Old Ways and have no time to hear the progressive thoughts of the Unseelie Court. The Fey do their best to live apart from the elves, maintaining their own homes and communities throughout the wilds, but they are not aloof. The Fey frequently visit the elves, often to trade or to perform their songs and plays; and often to host bacchanalian festivals in worship of the Mother Goddess.


But all is not quite as tranquil as one might hope. No one knows when the migrations began. Or why? Was it war that had driven bands of dark elves back to the surface? Or famine? Or disease? Whatever the reason, the subterranean elves recently began to creep back to the surface, emerging on the highest slopes of the Bhupatan Mountain Range. Once outside, blinking in the light, the dark elves began to build fortified villages in deep valleys and towers upon remote eyries. And it wasn’t long before they were forming raiding parties, attacking peaceful homesteads and taking slaves.




Anupam, The Continent of

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