The World of Llowellen: Play-by-forum & Roll20 Virtual Tabletop.


In the beginning...

Now. The Tenth Age
The story that you are about to read, should I not discourage you before the final page, is a short tale from another world. Not the Planet Earth where you sit with these pages nestled comfortably before you, in your favorite chair with your drink close to hand. No, not this world at all – but a similar one. I call it the World of Llowellen.


Picture, if you will, the World of Llowellen as a big blue ball spinning through the vastness of the cosmos and orbiting it’s flaming star every three hundred and fifty days.

Picture the blue ball (it doesn’t look so large from our omnipotent vantage point, does it?) wrapped in clouds and shrouded half in darkness and half by sunlight. Tiny metallic satellites whiz past us, dwarfed by a mighty space station, all locked into geostationary orbit over the continents and oceans beneath.


We’re just in time to witness a massive ship disembarking from the space station and blasting into deeper space in a silent and awesome blast of energy that sends it on its virgin voyage to worlds unimagined. Perhaps, we are luckier still and we can read the name of the vessel painted in letters, stories high, upon it’s leviathan hulk: The I.S.F. Daniel Dare.

Perhaps. But, even if we are that lucky, our story isn’t concerned with the brave crew of the Dare. Or, if it is, they wouldn’t know it and they will soon have enough on their hands as they begin their journey to Ursula Major, the Great Bear. Let us not add to their problems, let us, instead, leave their tale for another telling and another time.


Look, once more, at the big blue ball. Can you see the spire of Mount Anwen, the World Mountain? It’s just passing into the morning light now and it is quite the sight. Our story isn’t concerned with the World Mountain either, but it is a sight that you don’t get to see every day, so you’ll have to excuse my indulgence. That single mountain is more than 67’000 feet tall, you know. They say, the Mother Goddess lived – and died – upon that mountain. Or, so they say.

Now take another look to the west. Can you see that as the sun is rising on the World Mountain it has already set upon the deserts of Farid? Those deserts are where our story will begin. You see, this particular tale begins ten ages past, in the long ago year 842 P.L, in a place that no longer exists, in a time that no-one remembers…

Genesis. In The Beginning
Written by Ian Hewitt
Artwork by Rick Sardinha. Used with love but not permission



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