The Dragonhelm


The Dragonhelm conveys a number of abilities upon the wearer, each of which can be used once per day. These abilities are: everlasting terror, flight, and lesser beastskin. Further, once per day, the wearer can breathe fire. Use of the Dragonhelm does not provoke an attack of opportunity.

Everlasting Terror: This use of the helm causes one creature to be permanently afraid of the wearer. Whenever the affected creature can see the wearer, it suffers a -2 morale penalty on saving throws and flees from the wearer for 1d6 rounds (or until it can no longer see the wearer, whichever happens first). A panicked creature has a 50% chance of dropping whatever it’s holding, chooses its path randomly (as long as it gets it away from the dragonhelm), and flees any other dangers that confront it. If cornered, the panicked creature will cower in terror.
Saving Throw (DC: 15 + Wearer’s Cha Modifier): Will Negates / Spell Resistance: Yes

Flight: The wearer can fly at their normal ground speed or 30 feet (whichever is slower). The wearer can fly up at half speed and descend at double speed. The flier’s maneuverability rating is good. This use of the Dragonhelm requires as much concentration as walking, so the wearer can act normally. The flight lasts for one hour.

Lesser Beastskin: The wearer’s skin becomes tough and scaly. The wearer gains a +3 natural armor bonus to Armor Class which lasts for one hour.

Breath Fire: This is a cone of fire 30 feet long that inflicts 6d6 points of damage.
Saving Throw (DC 15): Reflex halves damage.


The Dragonhelm is a full-face helmet of grand design; crested with a spiny mane and crafted from dazzlingly bright silver and scarlet gold.

The Dragonhelm was first associated with the First Age gladiator. Etthuul the Crone It is unknown for certain where Etthuul discovered the dragonhelm, but the most commonly told tale is that she pulled the helm (along with a matching heavy shield) from a skeleton, long drowned in a fetid Rajiini swamp.

The Dragonhelm

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