Necklace of Fireballs


If a person holds or wears this necklace they can see it for what it really is – a golden chain from which hang a number of golden spheres. The spheres are detachable by the wearer (and only by the wearer), who can easily hurl one of them up to 70 feet. When a sphere arrives at the end of its trajectory, it detonates as a fireball spell (Reflex DC 14 half).

Spheres come in different strengths, ranging from those that deal 2d6 points of fire damage to those that deal 10d6, but there is no way of knowing which are which before tossing the fire sphere. The GM will tell the PC how many dice to reach for after he has thrown it.

The necklace can be volatile. If the character wearing or carrying it, fails his saving throw against a magical fire attack, the item must make a saving throw as well (with a save bonus of +7). If the necklace fails to save, all its remaining spheres detonate simultaneously, often with regrettable consequences for the wearer.

Note: This necklace does not count as an item worn around the neck for the purpose of determining which of a character’s worn magic items is effective.)


This device appears to be nothing but beads on a tatty string, sometimes with the ends tied together to form a necklace. These items were not uncommon during the First Age, crafted by Unseelie magic-users and frequently distributed to defenders of the city.

Necklace of Fireballs

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