Gro-Malakh, The Titan Bear

A giant exile and escaped slave.


Giant, male, 50 years old. 12’2", 570 lbs.
3rd Level Giant, 2nd Level Bear Totem Warrior

Nationality: Summanian

Strength: 22
Dexterity: 11
Constitution: 20
Intelligence: 14
Wisdom: 16
Charisma: 14

Experience Points: 15’340/16’500
Hero Points: 0

Speed: 30ft.
Initiative: +0
Size: Large

Hit Points: 68/73
Subdual Damage: 12
Armour Class: 10
Flat-footed AC: 10
Touch AC: 10

Saving Throws
Fortitude +11
Reflex +1
Will +4

-Power Attack

Sense Motive:5:{+9}

Race/Class Features:
{+2 to Diplomacy, Sense Motive, and All Craft Checks.}
{Hide of The Bear(+1 to Natural Armor)}

Languages: Thalian, Summanian, and Dwursian

Simple desert garb (hastily made toga-robe of mismatched torn merchants clothes, keffiyah)
Thilaithi water skin (empty, cap. 2 gallons) x2
Minun water skin (empty, cap. 5 gallons) x2

(+2) Gnasher 12 to hit, 1d12 +11 (9 from 1.5x Str Mod, +2 Enhancement) damage
Unarmed +9 to hit, 1d4 +6 damage

+2 Gnasher +15 to hit, 1d12 +16 Damage


-Gro-Malakh was once a well respected member of society in Northern Summan; consequently, he was honored as one of the youngest Giants to be selected for training in the rites and rituals necessary to complete the Shu-Rin ceremony. Unfortunately such honors, combined with the hasty teaching of the Chi-Julud(War-dance), led to Gro-Malakh unknowingly slaughtering many of his peers in a wargame exercise. (Unknown to his elders and himself, a rival had poisoned his water with a hallucinogenic drug that severely hampered his reasoning.) His elders had no choice but to send Gro-Malakh into exile.
-During exile, Gro-Malakh decided to delve deeper into the wild nature of himself and his surroundings, likening himself as a Bear. Gro-Malakh slowly became more wild and animalistic, shunning travelers who passed his spread of territory at the base of the mountains, and slaying those who came too close.
-10 years into exile, Gro-Malakh had made a name for himself as “The Titan Bear,” due to his ferocity, unrelenting strength, and hairy physique. This piqued the interest of slavers who were interested in taming “The Titan Bear” in order to use him as an arena fighter and attraction.
-Though strong and durable as Gro-Malakh was, he was again no match for trickery and poison; thus, only able to kill half a dozen slavers before falling into a poison induced coma.
-After months of coming in and out of consciousness, Gro-Malakh wakes to the sounds of battle outside of his rolling cell; and so, “The Titan Bear” is loosed…

Gro-Malakh, The Titan Bear

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