Grannoch Wydle

A gnome scholar and interpreter. More recently, an escaped slave.


3rd Level Runethane. Gnome, male, 48 years old. (3’2", 33 lbs. (malnourished)

Nationality: Gelderman (Gelderland, Western Summan)

Strength: 8
Dexterity: 16
Constitution: 20
Intelligence: 18
Wisdom: 14
Charisma: 10

Experience Points: 9’350/11’000
Hero Points: 0

Speed: 20 ft.
Initiative: +7
Size: Small

Hit Points: 29/29
Subdual Damage: 20
Armor Class: 14 (18 w/rune of armor) (+ 1 vs. Medium & larger) (+4 vs. Giant-type)
Flat-Footed AC: 11
Touch AC: 14

Saving Throws +2 save bonus vs. Illusions
Fortitude +6
Reflex +4
Will +5

Racial Traits/Class Features
+1 to attacks vs. Kobolds & Goblinoids
Dancing Lights – 1/day
Erase Runes
Ghost Sound – 1/day
Low-Light Vision
Prestidigitation – 1/day
Runic Template
Sense Rune
Speak With Burrowing Mammals – 1/day ghost sound, prestidigitation
Weapon Familiarity: Gnomish weapons
Weapon Proficiency: Simple weapons

Rune Point Total: 3
Rune Points Used: 1

Lesser Runes: (1 point)
Rune of Affliction
Rune of Armor
Rune of Knowledge (3/day) (2/day) (1/day)
Rune of Rest

+1 to DC of Illusion spells cast
Spells Readied (3/2): Canny Effort, Contact, Hygiene / Mudball, Transfer Wounds
Spell Slots Used (2/2): – - / Mudball, Transfer Wounds

Feats and Talents
Brandish Magical Might (+Int modifier to overcome spell resistance 1/day)
Compensate for Size
Improved Initiative

Alchemy +12
Appraise +10
Concentration +11
Craft (Alchemy) +6
Decipher Script +10
Disable Device +10
Forgery +4
Gather Information +0
Knowledge (Runes) +10
Listen +4
Open Locks +3
Spellcraft +10
Spot +8

Languages: Gelder; Banu, Fae and Faridian.

Simple desert garb (ill-fitting white aba over a loose, too-long-sleeved shirt, sandals (three sizes too big) and a tan keffiyah that continually slips down because of it’s large size)

Wooden chest: Merchant logs detailing sale, purchase, and stock-keeping of chattel
Padlock & Key (belonging to the chest, which was found open)

+3 dagger: +3 to hit, 1d4 +2 to damage
Sling (10 bullets) +3 to hit, 1d4 to damage




Grannoch was a member of a small band of Gnome scholars hailing from Summan, come to the deserts of Farid to study and document local flora and fauna. Grannoch’s main role in the group was as something of an interpreter, given his sizable intellect and fluency in many of the major local tongues. They had been in the area a few years, conducting their studies without incident, until they were ambushed by bandits. Grannoch was unable to make much sense of the frantic and one-sided combat that ensued, and before long was knocked unconscious. He awoke bound and gagged in a sack, apparently across the back of one of the bandits who had set upon the group.

After what may have been as much as a day or two, the captured gnome overheard his captors speaking with another group, negotiating the sale of a few slaves. The deal was struck, and Grannoch was dumped unceremoniously out of his sack to discover the other slaves he was being sold with were a few Sibeccai he’d never seen before in his life. This came as rather a shock, considering he was expecting his fellow scholars, including his nephew Foli, to have been brought along with him.

And such is the manner in which he spent his time on the slave caravan – alone, brokenhearted, and tormented with uncertainty of the fates of his companions.

Grannoch Wydle

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