Etthuul, the Crone

A lizardwoman freebooter and sworn Champion of Life


Lizard folk, female, 78 years old. 6’ 8", 360 lbs.
3rd Level Lizard Folk, 1st Level Champion of Life.

Nationality: Xolotec

Strength: 20
Dexterity: 15
Constitution: 21
Intelligence: 12
Wisdom: 14
Charisma: 9

Experience Points: 6’999/11’000
Hero Points: 2

Speed: 20 ft.
Initiative: +2
Size: Medium

Hit Points: 39/42
Armor Class: 24 (25 vs. swords)
Flat-Footed AC: 22
Touch AC: 12

Saving Throws -4 vs. Cold-based spells and effects / +2 vs. Fire-Based spells and effects
Fortitude +10
Reflex +3
Will +5

Racial Traits & Class Features
Armor Proficiency: Light, Medium, Heavy and Shields
Champion Ability: Life
Cold Blooded
Dash – 2/day
Hold Breath
Life’s Healing – 20hp/day (0/20)
Natural Armor +5
Weapon Proficiency: Simple and Martial

Feats and Talents
Defensive Roll
Natural Swordswoman
Weapon Focus: Falchion

Balance +7
Climb +10
Craft (Gem Cutting) +2
Diplomacy +1
Heal +5
Jump +7
Knowledge (Lizard Folk) +2
Listen +3
Ride +3
Spot +3
Swim +8
Survival +3

Languages: Rajiini. Fae

The Dragonhelm, The Dragonshield, piece meal armor (leather and chain bindings) covering her right arm and left leg.

Bag of Needful Things

Falchion Sword, Inkh: +13 to hit, 2d4 +8 damage

Bite: +8, 1d4 +5 damage



Etthuul is a lithe and flexible lizardwoman. She has a flat head accentuated by beady black eyes and a wide mouth, full of tiny, jagged teeth. Etthuul has no eyelids, her tongue constantly flicks from her mouth to clean the film of skin that grows across her slitted eyes. Etthuul’s skin and scales are usually a vivid bright green, but they shift towards blood-red when she is angry and a deep blue if Etthuul is sad or grieving – she has no more control of these color changes than she has control of her own emotions.


Etthuul emerged from the waters of the Elill River on the first morning of the Dar Games. Where she came from, she didn’t care to say, although her exotic Rajiini accent is impossible to conceal.

Current Status

The lizardwoman enlisted in the games as a freebooter and has since kept largely to herself. Her quest, like every other free gladiator who has entered these games, is the coveted Sand King’s Boon – but for what would she ask..?

In her first combat, early on the first evening, Etthuul and her partner Chron were both blinded at the very outset by their opponent Rhona; despite this Etthuul managed to bring down The Fisherwoman with fire breath. But the match dragged into a stalemate, forcing the arena templars to bring events to a close, after Etthuul could not locate the invisible conjurer, and yet Rhona could summon nothing to match the frustrated might of Etthuul and Chron.

Etthuul, the Crone

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