A young sibeccai dreamseer.


4th Level Wind Witch. Sibeccai (5’10" foot, 185 lbs.), male, 24 years old.
Nationality: Banu-Sipparian

“Until the starbreak.”

Strength: 13
Dexterity: 14
Constitution: 16
Intelligence: 20
Wisdom: 16
Charisma: 13

Experience Points: 7’825/11’000
Hero Points: 1

Speed: 30
Initiative: +2
Size: Medium

Hit Points: 22/31
Armor Class: 14
Flat-footed AC: 12
Touch AC: 11

Saving Throws
Fortitude +4
Reflex +3
Will +7

Racial Traits/Class Features
Air Resistance: 20
Armor Proficiency: Light, Shields
Gust – 4/day
Low-Light Vision
The Sight
Weapon Proficiency: Simple
Windblade – +2 AC At will

Spells Readied (4/4/1): Detect Magic, Read Magic, Ghost Sound, Minor Illusion / Distraction, Charm, Mudball X2 / Beastskin

Spell Slots: (4/3/1) Detect Magic, Read Magic, Ghost Sound, Minor Illusion / Distraction, Charm, Mudball / Beastskin

Feats and Talents
Attune To Magic Item
Combat Casting
Eschew Materials

Alchemy +12
Balance +3
Bluff +4
Concentration +9
Disguise +6
Gather Intelligence +6
Handle Animal +4
Heal +5
Innuendo +10
Knowledge (sibeccai) +12
Knowledge (Religion) +10
Knowledge (Magic) +11
Listen +5
Search +6
Sense Motive +5
Sneak +12
Spellcraft +12
Use Magic Device +8

Languages: Banu, Faridian

Desert robes, turban and veil
Witchery Cloak
Ring of Spellcasting
Buckler of Stars

Witchbag: Small opaque reddish Focus Stone, basic alchemical tools and equipment.
Spell components (spiderwebs, dust, sand, glass beads, scorpion tails, etc.)
Potion of Ability Boost x6 (Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma)
Potion of Battle Healing (Lesser) x3
Truestrike Potion
Small Enough Potion
Everlasting Charm Potion



Alriak is a tall and thin canine, fully covered with brownish fur except for a longer patch of reddish fur along the back of his head. His hands are rough from menial labor and his face bears the lines of the wind and sun. His eyes are empty as if his body is present but his mind is on another plane. Alriak rarely appears to be paying attention to his immediate surroundings, despite the fact that he misses little.


Alriak was born in the northern city of Banu, in Banu-Sippar. He was born into slavery, his family long indentured into servitude to the Royal Unseelie Court within the household of a Feeorin giant.

Alriak was always in trouble because he was the source of so many strange occurrences. Everything Alriak seemed to do went wrong and although much time and effort was spent on trying to train him into someone useful to the Royal Court, he made a mess of everything he touched. It was decided that he must be cursed by the Gods and “fixing” him was no longer an option. A failure to his parents, a jinx to their Master and a target of ridicule to his kind he was cast out to fend for himself.

Alriak took odd jobs here and there trying only to survive but trouble seemed to follow his every step. Strange things that he couldn’t control and wild dreams plagued him. He went from job to job, living and begging on the tough streets of Banu, until one day he took a job as a laborer with a merchant caravan.

It was there that he met Meloria. Meloria was a strange woman who worked as an adviser to the Merchant Captain. She recognized something within Alriak and taught him that his special nature was not a curse, but a gift and if harnessed correctly it could benefit not only himself but others too. His dreams soon became a source of protection for the caravan because he could warn them of coming troubles. His prescience was not infallible however, and it failed to warn him of the pirate attack that was about to change his life forever.

The caravan was returning to Banu, heavily laden with trade goods after a very successful visit to the markets of Ishtaduk. They were only days from home when the Princess Parizade came upon them, out of the sky. Almost everyone was killed or fled into the desert during the attack. In the chaos of the melee, Meloria disappeared.

A handful of the survivors, including Alriak, were taken aboard by the pirates as slaves. For the long weeks that Alriak was in service to the pirates he secretly began to focus his energies and act upon Meloria’s advice. His power grew and he seemed to be gaining control over his innate clumsiness.

Only a few nights ago, he dreamed of the Heroes of Yhakkoth – the tall and beautiful half-fey Quinvera the Tall and bizarre Prophet Alias – who would overthrow the pirates. Alriak understood that his destiny, whatever it may be, lie in friendship with them.

799 PL: Genesis (Season Three)

The Voyages of The Princess Parizade
Desert Nights