“Is there any person in the world who does not dream? Who does not contain within them worlds unimagined.”

- Neil Gaiman (World’s End) Globe4.3.bmp

There are other worlds than these, the great Bard King once wrote, many, many other worlds.

The Bard King was right. You need only look upon the night skies to see for yourself how many, many other worlds there are.

Certainly many and more of these worlds would not be welcome places for you, or I, to visit. They are burning stars or frozen, airless wastelands – home to Elemental Princes and few others.

But, not all.

In days gone by, I was fortunate enough to be able to walk upon several of these other worlds. I spent years, too many to count, exploring the Worlds of Greyhawk, Legend and Titan.

There I witnessed things so great and so terrible and so wonderful, that I could never have imagined they were even possible, but ultimately the extraordinary path I’ve walked has led me to one world in particular. It is very far from here, some 22 light years or so, but you can see it. Take a look very, very closely in the faint and oh-so faraway constellation of Libra and you will find the world waiting for you.


That world is The World of Llowellen.


The World of Llowellen
By Tracy Bolles, Doug Harris, Donna Hewitt, Ian Hewitt, Joettle, Jub Jub Jhubsten, MacGreine, Purple Fruit Newt, Rivinson & Davide Serricchio

Dedicated to this GM’s Mum without whose endless cups of tea, ginger cake and marmite sandwiches many a campaign would have faltered and died. Thanks Mum!

Artwork by Jennifer Meyer. Used by permission with love and thanks.

Cartography by Ian Hewitt.

The World of Llowellen: Play-by-forum & Roll20 Virtual Tabletop.

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