Globe1.7.bmp Scath are unique among the Fey-Kissed. The deep fey rarely take mortal women as lovers, but when they do they marry for life. Thus, their fey-kissed children are born into a trusting and committed family, often within Fey society.


Physical Description: Scath are stony-grey in color with the skin tones of their parents marbled across their body. They retain the ram-like horns of their father, as well as his dull black hair, sneaky tail and pointed ears but the general racial appearance of their mother.




Language: Fae.

Female Names: Claraven, Crystal, Ilsuin, Quasha or Seorra.
Male Names: Cinnarath, Olomar, Oroon, Porodo or Wilnim.

Racial Traits

  • : .
  • base land speed is feet.
  • Automatic Language:
  • Bonus Languages:
  • always gain Knowledge () as a class skill.
  • Racial/Evolved Levels: None.

Artwork by Brian Froud. Used with love and not permission.

Cartography by Ian Hewitt.