Globe1.4.bmpThe sahuagin of Llowellen are drawn from the wonderfully detailed TSR publication ‘The Sea Devils’ written by Skip Williams. They make their homes in all the warmer oceans of the world living in submerged communities, hunting and raiding the local waters and shores.



Physical Description:




Language: Kalanese.

Female Names: Atu’ila, Kalafi, Lua, Salesi or Taaroa.
Male Names: Alama, Jaaqueel, Maama, Manavune or Paea.

Sauhagin Racial Traits

  • : .
  • base land speed is feet.
  • Automatic Language:
  • Bonus Languages:
  • always gain Knowledge () as a class skill.
  • Racial/Evolved Levels: .

Sauhagin Levels

Hit Die: d

Skill Points at 1st Level:
Skill Points at Higher Levels:
Class Skills:

Armor Proficiency:
Weapon Proficiency:


The Evolved

Artwork by Tony DiTerlizzi. Used with love and not permission.

Cartography by Ian Hewitt.