“The road to personal perfection lays within all of us.”Globe3.6.bmp

Xuoqen, Master of Da’Shon and Edel, Servant of the Mother

Throughout the Old World isolated monasteries can be found far beyond the fringes of civilization and in the remotest of locations. Inhabited by monks, these people seek an almost unattainable level of perfection for their bodies and minds. They are expert martial artists who rarely have the need to fight with weapons or armor. These monasteries might serve to protect the people in a remote village, they might prey on the local populace or they may be so distant as to have no contact with the outside world whatsoever.

Regardless of the motivation of the monastery as a whole, individual monks rarely care very much about supporting this or that cause or acquiring personal wealth. Most monks view adventure merely as a means to test themselves and pit their bodies, minds and skills against dangerous and difficult challenges. They do not care to show off to others but merely to seek the personal and private satisfaction that comes from knowing they have achieved their best.

Background: Most monks have spent their whole childhood in the monastery, many were given to the monks because their parents were unable to feed or support them, others were orphaned by tragedy, and a rare few have actually been selected by the monks themselves. In some cases, monasteries will descend upon communities and take children by force. By the time a monk has grown into adulthood they feel little or no affiliation with their previous life or families.


Other Classes: Monks have no special like or dislike for any of the other classes.

Magister Archetypes

First Age: Monks often live in the gutter surviving on the generosity of those who pass them by. When those who have shown compassion are in need of help the monk will rise with nothing but the rags on his back to defend them. Other monks wander from village to village selling the goods they carry on their back and spreading the news of the land. They are no stranger to trouble and often serve the communities the pass through by defeating bandits and cutpurses with their martial skills. Many of the lamian dervishes of the northern deserts are, in fact, monks.
NPCs: Jendai Fudo No

Second Age:
NPCs: The martial artist who roams the land seeking the ultimate conquest.

Third Age:
NPCs: The hermit who lives alone in an otherwise deadly environment.

Fourth Age:
NPCs: The verrik mercenary from the distant land of Ken’ Kazuki.


Skill Points at 1st Level:
Skill Points at Each Additional Level:
Class Skills:

Hit Die: d8


Class Features


Armor Proficiency:

Weapon Proficiency:

The Monk character class was designed by Brian Blume and first published in 1975’s Blackmoor supplement. This version of the class is derived from the D&D 3.5 version written by Monte Cook, Jonathan Tweet and Skip Williams.

Artwork by Jason Engle. Used with love and not permission.

Cartography by Ian Hewitt.