Ishtaduk, The City-States of

Capital: IshtadukGlobe2.1.bmp
Population: 5’982’880 ( sibeccai 75%, troglodyte 13%, scorpus 8%, lamia 2%, elf (aquatic) 1%, litorian 0.5%, giant 0.5%)
Government: Patriarchy (Unseelie Court)
Religions: Unseelie Way, The Old Faith
Imports: Coffee, Food, Herbs, Incense, Livestock, Mercenaries, Slaves, Wine, Wizards
Exports: Armour, Books, Clothing, Coffee, Fruit, Gems, Jewelry, Leather Goods, Mercenaries, Minor Magic Items, Opiates, Pearls, Pottery, Rare Herbs, Ships, Stone, Weapons, Wine

Ishtaduk is a wealthy nation, rich in gold and magic.

Ishtaduk is well-known for its chauvinism, exotic markets, thieves guilds, decadent harems, lush river deltas, deserts and it’s wealthy ruling class, as well as it’s enormous population and many slaves.


Life & Society
The majority of Ishtadukians rely upon trade, hawking their wares at local markets, known as sooqs. The people of Ishtaduk pursue wealth so that they may relax upon the comforts it brings. They have little sympathy for the poor and no time for charity believing that riches can be acquired by anyone who simply works hard enough.

Magic is very common here, the ruling classes wield or carry magic, and arcane-trained Templars keep order in the streets. Flying carpets are common and airships dock above the cities, just as sandships, skimming across the surface of the sand pull into the docks.

Major Geographic Features
The nation of Ishtaduk encompasses the central swathe of the continent, claiming all land south of the Armadad River and north of the Muqhail and Ka’al Rivers; and from the Gamesh Falls in the east to the coast in the west. In truth the mountainous west remains a wilderness, with the exception of a few beleaguered enclaves the monsters and barbarians of the Zergoa Mountains recognize no sovereignty from Ishtaduk.

Arghandab Forest: On the north banks of the river from the cities of Hana and Ashur lies the Arghandab Forest. This dense, lush forest is a dangerous place. Flights of harpies haunt the woods and make frequent raids on the surrounding areas, coveys of medusa prey upon the unwary, and manticores and hydras hunt along the river banks.

Burning Desert: Sometimes called Skyfall Desert, south of Yhakkoth this desert was struck by a massive meteor on The Night The Sky Fell. The meteor is rumoured to have been haunted by the alien souls of those lost when a distant world was destroyed by angered gods. When these alien ghosts become troubled, terrible sandstorms rage across the blasted desert with the caravanserai of Muan’s Oasis at the eye of the storm. The sands conceal the ruins of lost cities, believed to still hold great treasure.

Morghab Marshes: The road from Susa to Yhakkoth passes through the Morghab Marshes. The steamy, fetid swamp is said to have arisen after a water genie was murdered near the banks of the river. The marshes are infested with spiders, aranea (who trade for fine silk and rare herbs), bullywugs and is avoided by all but the most foolish. Somewhere in the southern portions of the marsh is Larkana, a submerged aranea city which is home to some three hundred of the arachnids.

Prophet’s Cave: Home of the Scorpion Guy, Prophet of Anaru.


Important Sites
Ishataduk is unimaginably ancient, even in the First Age, the most ancient of all mortal lands still in existence. Ancient ruins and magical palaces can be found in many places in Ishtaduk, lost and forgotten.


Ashur (Metropolis ):

Hana (Metropolis ):

Ishtaduk: (Metropolis 1’753’013): The oldest continuously populated city in the world, and also the largest and most populous city of the First Age.


Lilanna (Metropolis 43’642): Aside from its bustling marketplaces, wizards know Lilanna to be the greatest city for magical study in the country, a reputation Lilanna has held for three thousand years.

Mari (Metropolis 29’307): Founded by an army of efreet, Mari is a garrison city, fishing port, trade stop and the second city for the nation’s military. Mari’s fleet of airships, sandships and river barges defend Ishtaduk from northern aggression.

Susa (Metropolis ):

Terqa (Metropolis 143’687): A wealthy and intrigue-laden city.

Yhakkoth (Metropolis 47’322): A boom town, built hundreds of years ago when the gems and precious stones were plentiful in the Elill River, Yhakkoth has since fallen on hard times. A secret coven of witches, known only to each other use Yhakkoth as a base of operations.


Regional History
Ishtaduk has been the dominant power of Farid for nine thousand years. Before the rise of Ishtaduk there were no other nation-states. It has remained a hot, damp and lush land ideal for cultivating olives and dates and for raising huge herds of livestock. The forests that line Ishtaduk’s mighty waterways are filled with fragrant carving woods and it’s river banks bristle with oysters, crabs, fish and precious rocks harboring metals and gems.

In ancient times Anwen, Mother-Goddess bathed in the rivers and frequented the Gamesh Falls.

Then came the Fey.

Then the Sand King.

And he has remained ever since.

Plots & Rumours
Ancient magic, wicked slavers, lost ruins and uncharted wilderlands make Ishtaduk a dangerous and exciting country.


Ishtaduk, The City-States of

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