Globe2.5.bmp Bugbears have been a staple of Dungeons & Dragons for as long as this author has been alive. They were described as “great, hairy goblin-giants” by Gary Gygax in his 1975 book, Greyhawk, and yet they are too often overlooked in favor of their goblin and orc cousins. I like to think that if Gary had ever visited the World of Llowellen, if nothing else, he would recognize a bugbear.

Here, the “great, hairy goblin-giant” is the literal barbarian at the gate. Bugbears are a fiercely proud, people who live throughout the continent of Summan. They are a people in decline however, their society is being slowly, yet inevitably stifled by the ascendant gnomish, dwarven and giant nations. During the First Age the bugbear nations yet stand tall and defiant, (indeed the bugbear City-State of Brevis, on the slopes of Mount Ctennen was arguably the largest city in all of Summan during The First Age) but, even then, their far-seers and prophets feared the time was coming when bugbear society would be reduced to small, isolated clans surviving in caves and dungeons in only the wildest of regions.



Physical Description:





Female Names: Albina, Boudicca, Carissa, Danu or Talisia.
Male Names: Bretwald, Donnus, Epos, Tanco or Vallo.

Racial Traits

  • : .
  • base land speed is feet.
  • Automatic Language:
  • Bonus Languages:
  • always gain Knowledge () as a class skill.
  • Racial/Evolved Levels: .

Bugbear Levels

Hit Die: d

Skill Points at 1st Level:
Skill Points at Higher Levels:
Class Skills:

Armor Proficiency:
Weapon Proficiency:


The Evolved

Artwork by Sam Wood. Used with love and not permission.

Cartography by Ian Hewitt.