Magic Sand


Magic sand is an arcane substance refined from the crystallized soil found in the Sands of Time desert. Magic sand is not rare during The Old World; in fact, it can quite commonly be found for sale anywhere the Fey trade.

The properties and uses of magic sand are quite broad and by no means conclusive. Some of the better known uses include:

  • Magic sand is most commonly used as a universal spell component by the fey; in fact, the Fey Magic feat clarifies that it can be used as a component for any spell.
  • Using magic sand as a spell component will introduce a random element to the spell’s effect. There is no control over this wild magic, and the GM will adjudicate the effects.
  • Adding one ounce of magic sand per spell level in addition to the normal spell components imbues the spell with the effects of either the Empower Spell or Spell Penetration feats.
  • Magic sand is frequently used to make magic items, Fey dusts are the most common sand-derived items. Every ounce of magic sand can be used instead of 150gp worth of gems or other rare materials. Rumors and legends suggest some fey craftsmen can forge very strong and very magical glass weapons and armors out of magic sand, though few have ever been seen.

Magic sand is commonly sold for up to 100gp per ounce (5d20 gp, depending on region and local supply and demand).


Magic Sand

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