Gauntlets of Magnificent Battle


The red-stained leather of these rigid gauntlets is marked with a pattern of white and black checkers. They always come as a pair. Although they are individual magic items, they will not function unless both are worn at the same time by the same character. Each is inscribed on the interior with arcane symbols. The left gauntlet activates a protective shell at will as a standard action, while the right gauntlet can blast a 42d6 bolt of power three time per day, also as a standard action (Reflex save, DC 25 for half). The bolts can pass through the protective shell.

The protective shell appears as a translucent blue hemispherical shell around the wearer. The shell moves with the wearer but cannot provide protection to any others. Once within the shell, the wearer is impervious to all ranged attacks, whether physical or magical. No creature can pass through the barrier, without the wearer’s conscious consent, so melee attacks are impossible as well. The wearer can never likewise never make attacks through the shell. Environmental threats, from poison gas to cold or fire do not affect those within the shell – the interior is always safe and comfortable.


The red leather gauntlets matched the color of the Sand King‘s fur, when he wasn’t wearing them they were slung from his golden belt and always on his hip.

Gauntlets of Magnificent Battle

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