Fey Dust


As the name would suggest, fey dust appears as a finely ground powder. For ease of use with certain spell effects, the powder has been lightly compressed into small pellets. A typical container of dust is a small box or bottle with an airtight lid or stopper, usually no more than 2 inches square and 1 inch deep. The container has an AC of 15, a hardness of 2 and 2 hit points.

Fey dust is powdered material that contains a single spell and produces its effects when one pinch is sprinkled on a target or cast into the air. Fey dust can duplicate the effects of 0- through 5th-level spells. The process of creating dust yields 50 pinches (or charges) and a container in which to store it. Each pinch expended allows the user to use the dust’s spell one time.

Identifying Dusts: Dusts of a particular color, odor and texture can often reveal the spell they contain. Identifying mundane dusts is a risky proposition due to the small quantity of powder needed to trigger the spell effect. Any rough touch may break the pellet of dust open or simply disturb enough loose dust to unleash the spell (Spellcraft DC 26).

Roll d%. On a roll of 01-13 the dust sheds light as if under the effects of a faerie fire spell. A 14-40 result indicates that some magical characteristic of the dust is evident (for example, fey dust of icebolt might be cold to the touch). A 41-54 result means that it both glows and has a magical characteristic. A roll of 55-100 means that the dust reveals no special qualities.

Activation: Sprinkling dust requires no special skill. The user merely opens the container, removes a measured quantity between their finger and thumb and sprinkle or blow the dust into the air or onto a targeted creature or item. The following rules apply:

  • Sprinkling dust onto a target or casting it into the air is a standard action. The dust takes effect immediately.
  • Using dust provokes an attack of opportunity. A successful attack forces a concentration check (as with casting a spell). If this check is failed, the dust is not sprinkled. An attacker may direct the attack of opportunity against the container of dust. A successful attack on the container can destroy 2d20 of the remaining pinches.
  • Dust or pellets may be loaded into a blowgun as a move-equivalent action that provokes an attack of opportunity. A successful attack forces a concentration check (as with a spell). If the attack is successful the blowgun is not loaded.
  • The target of the dust must be corporeal.
  • Anyone may use fey dust.