Uncle Kahaal

3rd Level Sibeccai, xth Level Necromancer, xth Level Engram Adept. Sibeccai (x', xxx lbs.), male, 29 years old.


3rd Level Sibeccai, xth Level Necromancer, xth Level Engram Adept. Sibeccai, male, 29 years old.

Nationality: Ishtadukian

Strength: 15
Dexterity: 14
Constitution: 17
Intelligence: 14
Wisdom: 13
Charisma: 9

Experience Points: 3’300/6’600
Hero Points: 0

Speed: 30 ft.
Initiative: +2
Size: Medium

Hit Points: 24/24
Armour Class: 12
Flat-Footed AC: 10
Touch AC: 12

Saving Throws Reroll saves vs. Enchantments
Fortitude +6
Reflex +5
Will +2

Racial Traits/Class Features
Armor Proficiency: Light, Shield
Low Light Vision
Spell Template: Sibeccai
Weapon Proficiency: Simple

Feats and Talents
Affinity With Skill: Craft (Tattooing)
Slippery Mind
Star Emblem
Weapon Focus: Bite
Weapon Specialization: Bite

Climb +2
Concentration +6
Craft (Tattooing) +6
Gather Information +9
Handle Animal +1
Innuendo +3
Knowledge (Cosmology) +4
Knowledge (Magic) +4
Knowledge (Sibeccai) +4
Listen +1
Sneak +2
Spot +1
Survival +1
Swim +2

Languages: Faridian

Starmilk Earrings

Bite: +7 to hit, 1d6 +4 to damage


Note that Uncle Kahaal is a pretty old man by the time of the Genesis Campaign. He is presented here as a young man, a cocksure brawler and roguish hero. The years he would dedicate to forbidden and forgotten magical arts are still ahead of him – and at this point, seem quite unlikely.

What prompted Uncle Kahaal to take up such dangerous pursuits, seemingly out of the blue? And why does he hate the Seelie so much?

Uncle Kahaal

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