A group of escaped slaves, lost in the desert


The Chattel are the survivors of a slave transport that once belonged to Merchant House Summonel. The slaves were being exported from the City of Banu in the south, to the City of Yhakkoth where they were to be sold into the brickyards and put to work constructing a controversial new mosque. They never made it; deep in the desert the caravan was attacked by half-scorpion barbarians who seemed intent on harming Merchant House Summonel, but utterly indifferent to the fate of the slaves. A number of these slaves have already arisen to lead the group: Grannoch, Gro-Malakh, Jendai, Meloria, Omar, Selar and Thyana. And one of them, Bareshar, has already lost his life.

The specific number and identity of the remainder of the slaves is kept intentionally vague as a game mechanic. Any new players looking to join the game, or any current players who need a replacement may draw from the pool.

It is safe to assume that there are a dozen or so NPC slaves; men, women and children of various races. They are poorly dressed in slaves’ rags and in clothing scavenged from the slain guards and merchants. As a group, the chattel carry the following gear (any of which might be used by the PC’s in the game):

  • Five heavy shields, each emblazoned with the family crest of Merchant House Summonel,
  • Twenty assorted daggers and knives, and one masterworked curved dagger,
  • Twelve halfspears,
  • Fifteen spears,
  • Two axes,
  • Two crossbows with bolts,
  • A shortsword,
  • Spare clothing: robes, sandals, turbans, veils etc. some charred, some bloody,
  • As much firewood and charcoal as they can reasonably be assumed to be carrying,
  • A day or two’s worth of dried Peryton meat and river water (Carried in assorted containers and skins),
  • Several days fresh rations: fruit and veg from the river oasis
  • And a scimitar.
  • Merchant’s jewelry: rings, bracelets, a medallion, an elaborate silver belt buckle
Chattel Character Creation
Races: Please select your race from the following: Bugbear, Dwarf, Elf, Giant, Gnome, Litorian, Lycanthrope, Ogre, Scorpus, Sibeccai or Troglodyte.

Level: 1-5

Class: Please select your class from the following: Akashic, Barbarian, Champion, Fighter, Greenbond, Monk, Oathsworn, Rogue, Runethane, Sorcerer, Totem Warrior, Unfettered, Warmain or Witch.

Ability Scores: You have 32 points to spend on the Non-standard Point Buy System (see your DMG 3.0 or 3.5).

Feats and Talents: The following books may be used for selecting feats: The Player’s Handbook, Monte Cook’s Arcana Evolved, Transcendence, The Complete Book of Eldritch Might, The Books of Hallowed Might, The Book of Iron Might, The Book of Roguish Luck, Book of Exalted Deeds, Book of Vile Darkness, Book of Erotic Fantasy, Curse of the Moon, Faeries, Anger of Angels, Airships, When The Sky Falls and Requiem For A God. Please do not include any feats or talents from any other source.

Arms & Equipment: Your character is currently poorly dressed in slaves’ rags or in clothing scavenged from the slain guards and merchants. Your equipment must be drawn from the scavenged supplies listed above.

Backstory: People can end up as slaves for any number of reasons. Some are born into slavery, others ripped from their homes by slavers, still others are sentenced to slavery for crimes or unpaid debts; whatever the reason, your PC began the game as a slave being transported across the desert from one marketplace to another.