Sarubek, the Strider

A wandering knight errant


Sibeccai, male, 34 years old. 5’9", 190 lbs.
8th Level Oathsworn

Nationality: Faridian (The Red City)

Strength: 20
Dexterity: 16
Constitution: 18
Intelligence: 14
Wisdom: 14
Charisma: 8

Experience Points: 33’825/39’600
Hero Points: 0

Speed: 50 ft.
Initiative: +3
Size: Medium

Hit Points: 79/79
Armor Class: 18 (16 in a round in which he attacked unarmed)
Flat-Footed AC: 15
Touch AC: 18

Saving Throws
Fortitude +10
Reflex +9 (Evasion)
Will +8

Racial Traits/Class Features
Combat Rites (3/2/-/-)
Eschew Food and Water
Fast Movement
Lesser Adaptation
Low-Light Vision
Object as Weapon
Refuse: Fear
Shattering Blow
Shattering Strike, lesser
Swear an Oath
Throw Object
Unarmed Strike

Hands as Weapons
Skill Mastery (Climb, Listen, Tumble, Sneak, Swim)
Unarmed Strike, Mighty
Weapon Focus: Unarmed

Balance +3
Climb +16
Concentration +4
Craft (??) +2
Escape Artist +3
Heal +2
Intimidate -1
Jump +5
Gather Information +1
Handle Animal +1
Innuendo +4
Knowledge (Sibeccai) +2
Listen +15
Sense Motive +13
Sneak +16
Spot +2
Survival +2
Swim +16
Tumble +14

Simple desert garb (Loose, ankle length trousers, leather slippers, shirt, sleeveless robe, kaffiyeh)
Waist sash: (tucked into: Purse (2 gold talents, 11 silver shekels))
Bracers of Defence + 1

Languages: Faridian. Fae, Kalanese

Unarmed Attack (+ 3 enchantment on fists): + 15/+ 12 to hit, 1d8+10 to damage



Sarubek is a fairly unassuming man, average height, average weight, not the sort of fellow most would pay close attention to. Those who do, however, might notice that beneath his shaggy, dark fur is a well sculpted physique without a single ounce of fat.


Sarubek had a relatively uneventful childhood living in the Red City – he was reasonably athletic, talented and intelligent; he always had a powerful drive for self-improvement. By the time he was 17, Sarubek had become something of a knight-errant, questing to fulfill any task which seemed a just cause, but which also bore a worthy reward. His somewhat mercenary lifestyle, however, was to change when, at the age of 25, he found a young litorian boy lost and alone on the beach. Sarubek took pity on the starving boy, whose name was Raldurus, and who could barely speak the native tongues.

Sarubek took to raising the boy, teaching him to speak the languages of Farid, as well as the way of the fist. He came to learn of the boy’s origin – that the boy’s mother was a sea merchant who was attacked by pirates. Raldurus had managed to escape the attack, leaping overboard and swimming to shore where he was lucky enough to be rescued by the passing Sarubek. The young litorian was a fast learner, swiftly mastering the styles Sarubek taught him and always eager to learn more. Sarubek made bringing up and training his ward his main priority, living comfortably off the spoils of eight years of adventuring, taking the occasional quest – usually as field experience for Raldurus – but living a mostly quiet and humble life.

Sarubek recently set off on one of his missions, this time leaving his apprentice at his home. Upon returning home, he found that Raldurus, now 15 years of age, had disappeared without any trace. Sarubek swore an oath on the spot to find the boy and bring him back alive. He suspected Raldurus had gone in search of his mother or of the elves who took her, it didn’t much matter who the young boy sought – either trail would quickly lead to the floating elven trade city of Myr’ Sooq. Sarubek booked passage on The Gaia, a merchant ship headed for the floating marketplaces, but long before they could reach their port The Gaia was attacked by an immense dragon turtle.

Current Status

Sarubek and the crew of The Gaia were rescued from their sinking ship by the motley crew aboard The Princess Parizade. The airship is bound for The Feyen Isles far to the south-west and Captain Quinvera would not deviate from her path; to deliver the shipwrecked crew either to Myr’ Sook or back to The Red City would endanger her own mission.

Sarubek did not argue, he owed a debt of honor to Captain Quinvera and her companions for his rescue, and they promised to return this way in just a week or two.

Sarubek, the Strider

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