Sarah, of House Summonel

3rd Level Sibbecai Merchant


3rd Level Sibeccai. (5’9", 165 lbs) Female, 26 years old.

Nationality: Banu-Sipparian

Strength: 14
Dexterity: 16
Constitution: 19
Intelligence: 14
Wisdom: 13
Charisma: 18

Experience: 5’475/6’600
Hero Points: 0

Speed: 30 feet
Initiative: +3
Size: Medium

Hit Points: 32/32
Armor Class: 13
Flat-Footed AC: 10
Touch AC: 13

Saving Throws (reroll saves against enchantment)
Fortitude +7
Reflex +6
Will +2

Racial Traits/Class Features
Armor Proficiency: Light, Shields
Low-Light Vision
Weapon Proficiency: Simple

Feats and Talents
Slippery Mind
Speed Burst
Weapon Focus: Bite, Dagger
Weapon Specialization: Bite

Climb +2
Craft (Jeweler) +3
Gather Information +11
Handle Animal +10
Innuendo +8
Knowledge (sibeccai) +2
Listen +2
Sneak +5
Spot +2
Survival +6
Swim +3

Languages: Banu, Faridian

Expensive Upper-class Clothing (Finest scarlet-silk pantaloons (w/bejeweled buttons), golden-buckled slippers, white silk blouse (w/golden thread), pink perfumed silk shawl).
Bejeweled earrings, nosering, and bellyring (worth 1’000 gold talents)
Bejeweled Rings (3), toerings (2) (worth 1’500 gold talents)
Gold Bracelets (worth 500 gold talents)
Jewel-encrusted purse (30 gold talents)

+ 3 Dagger of Arcane Blasting + 9 to hit, (1d4+5) + (3d6) damage



Sara is a beautiful young merchant girl, the latest in a long-line of wealthy self-made Merchants of House Summonel.


Sara is the niece to the current Merchant-Lord Summonel. House Summonel, originally from Ma’ Daba in Banu-Sippar has lived in Banu for many generations now. Unfortunately, her family has been down on its luck for most of those generations as a result of bad investments and the economic intrigues of rival Merchant Houses, but Sara is ready to steady the ship and rebuild her family legacy.

That was the spirit that had placed Sara at the head of the caravan of traders and merchants and their lizard-drawn wagons and turtles-of-burden. Their mission: to bring new trade goods and open fresh markets in the City of Yhakkoth in the northern nation of Ishataduk.

When the pirates attacked, all of Sara’s ambitions came crashing down with terrifying rapidity. Her position, her hopes, a great wealth invested in stock and trade ripped away at the hands of anarchic thieves.

Sara endured the brutality of her time as a slave, clinging to her anger and her faith. These bastard pirates would take this from me? How dare they? The Earth Mother, Anwen was strong and could withstand the most awful of storms and so would she…

Current Status

Sara has only one desire. She wants back what was taken from her – and without delay. That first evening Sara claims one of the Officer’s Quarters for herself. First Mate Hanbal raised an eyebrow, but even he was wise enough not to openly comment.

Once back in comfortable accomodations, Sara is able to maintain the luxuries she has always been accustomed to. The wardrobes are stocked with the finest silks and expensive perfumes. But the strain of the past month is still evident. Their is a hint of desperation to Sara, her pampered and privileged life has spiraled out of her control.

While she projects an outward atmosphere of control, that first evening, Sara privately admitted to Quinvera that she doesn’t know what to do. How to rebuild her life, and not lose everything her Uncle, the Merchant-Lord Summonel has entrusted to her.

Sarah, of House Summonel

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