Rikard of Hasselholm, The Bull

A dwarven gladiator


Dwarf, male, 53 years old. 4’ 7", 185 lbs.
2nd Level Warmain.

Nationality: Hassel

Strength: 18
Dexterity: 14
Constitution: 20
Intelligence: 12
Wisdom: 14
Charisma: 10

Experience Points: 1’113/3’300
Hero Points: 0

Speed: 20 ft.
Initiative: +2
Size: Medium

Hit Points: 33
Armor Class: 20
Flat-Footed AC: 18
Touch AC: 12

Saving Throws +2 vs. Spells, Spell-likes and Poison
Fortitude +8
Reflex +2
Will +3

Racial Traits/Class Features
Appraise & Craft (Stone & Metal)
Armor Proficiency: Light, Medium, Heavy and Shields
Combat Bonuses (vs. Bugbears and Lycanfey)
Weapon Proficiency: Simple, Martial, Dwarven Waraxes and Dwarven Urgosh

Feats and Talents
Defensive Roll
Power Attack

Climb +7
Craft (Blacksmith) +2
Handle Animal +2
Intimidate +6
Jump +5
Knowledge (architecture) +2
Knowledge (dwarf) +2
Knowledge (engineering) +2
Knowledge (history) +2
Knowledge (nobility and courtesy) +1
Ride +3
Swim +5

Languages: Dwursian, Faridian

Simple desert garb (Baggy, knee length trousers, dirty torn shirt, boots, dirty grey kaffiyeh)
Waist-sash (tucked into: tinder box, tobacco pouch, purse (13 gold talent, 41 silver shekels, 11 pennies)
Banded mail, Heavy spiked shield, Spiked helm

The Bull’s Horns +1 Dire Dwarven Waraxe: +7 to hit, 1d10 +8 damage
Shortsword: +6 to hit, 1d6 +5 damage



Rikard appears to wear a perpetual scowl, regardless of his actual mood; his tangled mop of long blond hair and his grizzled beard are frequently dirty and unkempt. An ugly scar, inflicted by a bull’s kick that should have killed the young Rikard, covers the whole left side of his face, distorting his broken nose and partially closing one eye.


The Bull arrived in the City of Ishtaduk as a caravan guard employed by an intrepid dwarven merchant cartel out of Hasselholm, in Eastern Summan. It took only a single visit to The Unseelie Colosseum for the young warrior’s mind to be set; The Bull enrolled as a gladiator along with his brother, or is that his sister? Neither of the dwarves even noticed when the merchant caravan rolled out of town without them.

Current Status

Rikard was selected for the very first fight after the Opening Ceremony. A dwarf and a giant would fight a dwarf and a giant; Rikard fought alongside Drusilla and together they defeated the templar Captain Doud and berserker Hagga the Howler. It was a brutally fought contest, but Rikard and his partner claimed the first victory of the first night.

As the other combatants left the Arena, Rikard was selected for the second fight of the evening with no chance to rest. This time he was partnered with his sister Reka and again Rikard was victorious, decapitating the freebooter Gondric the Spear and winning the first kill of the Dar Games.

Rikard of Hasselholm, The Bull

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