Rhea, the Angel of Light

Angel of Shoshanna


3rd Level Cleric/1st Level Astrogineer. Grigori Angel, female (6’, 180 lbs.). Appears early sixties.

Nationality: Ishtadukian

Strength: 15
Dexterity: 15
Constitution: 17
Intelligence: 17
Wisdom: 19
Charisma: 15

Experience: 6’000/10’000
Hero Points: 0

Speed: 30’
Initiative: +2
Size: Medium

Hit Points: 45/45
Armor Class: 20
Flat-Footed AC: 18
Touch AC: 14

Saving Throws
Fortitude +12, +16 versus poison
Reflex +7
Will +15

Racial Traits/Class Features
Armor Proficiency – Light, Medium, Heavy, Shields
Audible Whisper – At will
Celestial Fertility
Clarity of Mind – At will
Comprehend Languages – At will
Damage Reduction 5/Magic
Darkvision 60’
Extraplanar (Native of Heaven)
Good Domain (Subtype)
Grigori Doom
Guidance – At will
Immune to elecricity and petrification.
Light or Daylight – At will
Low Light Vision
Make Whole – 1/day
Mending – At will
Natural Armor
Open/Close – At will
Read Magic – At will
Resistances (Ex): Cold, fire and sonic resistance 5.
Silent Image – 1/day
Spontaneous Casting
Turn Undead
Weapon Proficiency – Simple

Spells Prepared (4/3+1/2+1): Create Water, Guidance x3; Protection From Evil, Bless, Cause Fear, Sanctuary; Aid, Calm Emotions, Zone of Truth.

Feats and Talents
Angel of Light
Skill Focus (Spot)
Supernatural Light – 1/day

Alchemy +5
Concentration +10
Craft (Calligraphy) +10
Diplomacy +10
Heal +10
Knowledge (astronomy) +15
Knowledge (arcana) +15
Knowledge (Farid) +10
Knowledge (religion) +10
Profession (astrologer) +13
Scry +5
Search +5
Spellcraft +5
Spot +15

Languages: Celestial, can speak with any creature that has language as if using tongues.

+2 Scale Mail
Holy Symbol of Shoshanna
Holy Symbol of Anwen

+2 Morningstar: +8 to hit, +4 damage



In life, Rhea was an old fairy witch. Now, reborn, she is a tall, slender, dark-skinned human woman. Rhea’s angelic nature is impossible to mistake, she has an otherworldly quality; a palpable feeling of Goodness and Calm Strength radiates out from her with a visible shine. Rhea’s eyes, dazzle and glow and her skin often sparkles with light. A glowing halo shines behind her head. The angel is dressed in elaborate scale mail and wears an elegant morningstar upon her hip.


Two hundred years ago a massive meteor crashed into the Faridian desert. This event was predicted by Rhea the Witch and documented in her spellbook, the Book of Stars. She lived as a hermit in a tower on the edge of the foothills, but traveled down into the desert to warn the nomads, shepherds and villagers at the small community of Muan Oasis.

They would not listen and Rhea remained among them even as they were destroyed by the impact. The witch was not destroyed, powerful artifacts and ancient spells protected her from death, but she did disappear from history for two centuries.

Rhea spent two hundred years beneath the desert. The meteor was in fact, a blasted chunk of rock from an alien world and it contained within it a magical vault storing the souls of hundreds of aliens who would otherwise have perished when their world was destroyed. The witch studied the aliens and was able to learn much from them; and then devils began to arrive upon the World of Llowellen and they were searching for the Ark of the Souls. Rhea was roused from her hidden studies when Alias the Prophet, Quinvera the Tall and the Fallen Angel Arah found themselves in her cavern.

At the Prophet’s request, Rhea returned to the City of Yhakkoth and helped them to defeat the devils. The witch knew that the Prophet’s God could only be the same God that had destroyed the world, of which, the meteor was a part. The devils were not of this world and the only means to defeat was also, not of this world. The Prophet’s God Shoshanna must be welcomed into the World of Llowellen with a sacrifice.

It was Rhea’s sacrifice, stepping into the purging Fire of Heaven that had materialized beneath the streets of the city. Rhea was consumed, willingly, by the fire, but in doing so, she was able to dispel the black fog and rebuke all devils.

Current Status

Rhea has been reborn as an Angel of Light and inducted within the ranks of the Holy Grigori Order of the Watchers. She has spent some time in Heaven, becoming at one with Shoshanna, and now she has been sent back into the World to guide Alias the Prophet.

It is Rhea’s mission to deliver a message to the Prophet, and to provide spiritual succor and comfort as he must become the Harbinger of the Truth.

Rhea, the Angel of Light

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