Quinvera, the Tall

Half-fey, half-sibeccai Captain of The Princess Parizade

Fey-kissed sibeccai, female, 48 years old. 6’, 130 lbs.

7th Level Mage-blade.

Nationality: Ishtadukian

Strength: 16
Dexterity: 15
Constitution: 14
Intelligence: 12
Wisdom: 14
Charisma: 16

Experience Points: 30’290 / 30’800
Hero Points: 2

Speed: 30 ft.
Initiative: +4
Size: Medium

Hit Points: 45/55
Armor Class: 21
Flat-Footed AC: 17
Touch AC: 14

Saving Throws
Fortitude +6
Reflex +6
Will +6

Racial Traits & Class Features
Armor Proficiency: Light and Shields
Athame: Iron sickle sword
Fey blood
Low-light vision
Luck of the Fey – 3/day
Shimmering Shield
Spritely Step
Weapon Proficiency: Simple and Martial
White tattoo

Spells Prepared (5/4/3): (0th) Bash, Canny Effort, Contact, Detect Magic, Seeker; (1st) Animate Weapon, Compelling Command, Mudball, Summon Fey; (2nd) Beastskin, Empower Spell, Icebolt

Spells Cast: Detect Magic

Feats and Talents
Bonded Item: Athame
Born to the Blade
Exotic Spell: Empower Spell
Power Attack
Weapon Focus: Athame

Alchemy +3
Balance +2
Bluff +3
Climb +6
Concentration +8
Heal +4
Intimidate +5
Jump +7
Knowledge (Fey) +4
Knowledge (Magic) +4
Knowledge (Sibeccai) +4
Search +4
Spellcraft +7
Swim +6

Languages: Faridian.

Practical desert garb (Bare feet, loose purple trousers, smock and cloth-of-gold shawl)
Purse (30 gold talents, 75 silver shekels, 13 pennies)
Satchel: Anti-toxin (6), Bedroll, Dust of Disappearance, Healer’s kit, Holy Water (13), Manacles, Smokestick (4), Sunrod (16), Tanglefoot (3), Thunderstone (4), Waterskin

+1 Crystal Studded Leather Armor
Leather Cloak of the Hidden
Ring of Deflection
+2 Ring of Protection

Iron Sickle Sword: +13 to hit 1d8 +8 damage
Bone Dagger (2): +9 to hit 1d4 +1 damage
Masterwork Daggers (6): +10 to hit 1d4 +5 damage



Quinvera, or Quin, is a tall, muscular and strikingly beautiful sibeccai. That fairy blood runs through her Mortal veins is obvious to any who see her. Quin’s gorgeously thick fur is the color of ivory and her pale blue eyes are only too easy to become lost in.

Quin is 48 years old, but the youthful qualities her Fey blood means that she will never look a day older than twenty-five. A complex, alien tattoo is visible as a whorl of swirling white and purples patterns. The tattoo is about three inches on a side but indecipherable in it’s alien complexity. It is vaguely reminiscent of a face with three eyes and conjures images of martial strength, but that is all that could be learned from an initial examination. A very close inspection would reveal that this tattoo is never quite the same.

Quin wears a beautifully crafted suit of leather armor, studded with crystals that glimmer and shine. This fey-crafted regal armor, offset by the finest cloak, only enhances her imposing presence. Although, relatively plain, the iron sickle sword that hangs from Quin’s hip is clearly her most treasured possession. Her clawed fingers continually seek out it’s hilt, as if seeking reassurance from it’s presence.



Quin was born in the small desert community of Muan Oasis. Her father had been nothing more than a passing traveler, a faerie with pure white fur and frost on the end of his tail, who had seduced his way into a warm bed for a single evening. Quin’s mother never saw him again, and she would never see her daughter either. She died in childbirth.

Quin was raised by her mother’s sister. Uncle Kahaal is in truth, Quin’s cousin, despite the affectionate title.

800 PL: Genesis (Season One)

Quin was a major player throughout Seasons One, Two and into Season Three. Her adventures, listed below, can be read in the Adventure Log

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799 PL: Genesis (Season Two)

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The Sirocco
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799 PL: Genesis (Season Three)

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Quinvera, the Tall

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