Smith Khalid

A sibeccai gladiator and former blacksmith


1st Level Sibeccai, 1st Level Fighter. Male, 18 years.

Nationality: Ishtadukian

Strength: 18
Dexterity: 16
Constitution: 19
Intelligence: 10
Wisdom: 12
Charisma: 15

Experience Points: 1’100/3’300
Hero Points: 0

Speed: 30 ft.
Initiative: +3
Size: Medium

Hit Points: 26/26
Armor Class: 17
Flat-Footed AC: 14
Touch AC: 13

Saving Throws
Fortitude +8
Reflex +5
Will +1

Racial Traits/Class Features
Armor Proficiency: Light, Medium, Heavy & Shields
Low-Light Vision
Weapon Proficiency: Simple, Martial

Feats and Talents
Power Attack
Weapon Focus: Falchion

Climb +6
Craft (Blacksmith) +5
Gather Intelligence +4
Handle Animal +6
Innuendo +4
Intimidate +5
Jump +5
Knowledge (sibeccai) +0
Listen +1
Ride +3
Sneak +5
Spot +1
Survival +1
Swim +4

Languages: Faridian

Simple desert garb (Loose, ankle length trousers, leather slippers, shirt, sleeveless robe, kaffiyeh)
Waist sash: (tucked into: Tinder box, Tobacco pouch, Purse (13 gold talents, 23 silver shekels))
Leather coat

Bite: +6 to hit, 1d6 +4 damage
Quarterstaff: +6 to hit, 1d6 +4 damage
Scimitar: +7 to hit, 2d4 +4 damage



Barrel-chested and broad-shouldered, Khalid is a handsome youth with an honest face. Khalid’s fur and clothes are frequently soot-stained and smoky from long hours spent at the forge.


Smith Khalid was born in the greatest city of the First Age, the City of Ishtaduk. He was apprenticed to a local blacksmith at the age of eleven, but a life toiling at the forge did not appeal; the young Khalid watched, with growing the envy, the sellswords and the soldiers who visited his master’s forge to have their arms and armor repaired or replaced. The young apprentice would listen to their stories of valor and glory and he knew where his future lay, on the field of combat, earning glory and infamy by the strength of his arms.

When he came of age, the young man enrolled at the Colosseum as an untested gladiator and began to learn the martial arts. Needs must, Khalid maintains his position at The Forge, his old Master needs his help now more than ever, and Khalid needs a place to sleep and coin to finance his gladiatorial dreams. When the King announced The Dar Games, Khalid was amongst the first eager freebooters to make his mark upon the templar’s rolls beneath the gates of The Colosseum.

Smith Khalid

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