Alias Akila, the Prophet of Shoshanna

A human druid, doomsayer and agitator.


Human, male, 29 years old. 6’, 165 lbs.
9th Level Shoshannic Druid.

Nationality: Anarun

Strength: 10
Dexterity: 14
Constitution: 14
Intelligence: 12
Wisdom: 20
Charisma: 15

Experience Points: 41’210/49’500
Hero Points: 0

Speed: 30 ft.
Initiative: +2
Size: Medium

Hit Points: 63/63
Armor Class: 12 (13 vs. bows)
Flat-Footed AC: 10
Touch AC: 12

Saving Throws
Fortitude +8
Reflex +5
Will +11

Racial Traits/Class Features
Animal Companion
Armour Proficiency: Light, Medium, Shields
Bonus Skill Point per Level
Druid Spells
Nature Sense
Resist Nature’s Lure (+4 Save vs. Fey)
Spontaneous Spell-Casting
Trackless Step
Venom Immunity
Weapon Proficiency: Druid Weapons
Wild Empathy
Wild Shape – 3/day, large
Woodland Stride

Spells Prepared: (6/6/5/4/3/2): Clarity of Mind, Create Water, Detect Magic, Light, Purify Food and Drink, Shade / Charm Animal, Cure Light Wounds, Cure Light Wounds, Endure Elements, Entangle, Produce Flame / Animal Messenger, Barkskin, Earthern Claw, Flame Blade, Resist Fire / Call Lightning, Carnivorous Defender, Cure Moderate Wounds, Fey Ward / Cure Serious Wounds, Flame Strike, Veil of Meteors / Anaphylactic Touch, Minor Meteor

Feats and Talents
Devout Faith
Dream Speaking
Eye of Justice – 3/day
Natural Archer
Natural Spell
Vatic Sight

Appraise +1
Balance +3
Bluff +2
Concentration +11
Craft (Calligraphy) +1
Diplomacy +2
Disguise +2
Escape Artist +2
Forgery +1
Gather Information +2
Handle Animal +5
Heal +13
Intimidate +10
Knowledge (Elves) +1
Knowledge (Herbalism) +5
Knowledge (Humans) +3
Knowledge (Nature) +5
Knowledge (Sailing & Navigation) +2
Listen +5
Prophecy +20
Ride +2
Search +2
Sense Motive +5
Sneak +2
Spellcraft +2
Spot +13
Survival +8
Swim +2
Use Rope +2

Languages: Pakoa. Druidic, Kalanese and Faridian.





The Prophet is skinny and tall. A darkly-skinned, bald human with a perpetual wry expression and cynical attitude, both are betrayed by the eyes of a deeply compassionate man. The Prophet often dresses like the poorest of desert people wearing only a tattered white tunic sewn with the clattering shells of insects. The Prophet just as often is naked, protected from the elements by only his prayers. He is just as likely to appear as a spider, scorpion or as a bird as his whim takes him.


Early Life

Alias is a Druid of Shoshanna, in a time when Shoshanna has yet to arrive on the World of Llowellen. He is a druid in a time of no druids. Alias received his calling to serve an unknown God in a dream.

Alias, like many of his people, was adapt at manipulating Dream-Time to facilitate meditation and trancing or nevermind-walking. When, as a young boy, he returned from a trance speaking of Shoshanna his clan largely ignored him. Once Alias began demonstrating a minor magical gift, as a demonstration of his Goddess’ power his people remained tolerant of his ramblings. They certainly didn’t believe, or revere Shoshanna as they should – most likely thought Alias was a natural-born sorcerer or perhaps Fey-blooded. But a few began to listen to the young Alias’ sermons, a few began to hear.

One night Alias had a very vivid dream. A spinning circle of holy flame appeared before him and instructed him to abandon his tribe and embrace all of existence as his family: humans, elves, roomen, animals, trees, stars even enemies. A greater truth lay beyond the mundane realities of the tribe.

Upon waking, Alias was able to wield more powerful divine magic and he did so to demonstrate the truth of his sermons. The tribal shamans were finally able to see a truth – albeit a truth they could not understand – behind young Alias’ visions. Alias proved valid, helpful and yet, odd. He was accepted by his people, his skills at healing and herbology, and his skill with animals was welcomed.

Alias would often hike alone along the beach. He would swim in the ocean and wander inland to the forest’s edge and beyond. He learned to speak with the animals and he sought their counsel. In the wilder lands Alias learned of Shoshanna’s power and authority over the whole world. Alias learned almost as much about himself, his faith and his Goddess on these solo camping trips as he did when he entered the Dreaming.

Alias would return to the village to share his visions. Many remained supportive, yet the shamans began to get jealous. That very season, he had learned to talk to the fish and from them he had learned where best the fishermen should lay their nets. The village elder’s bellies were full. The village elders disagreed with the shamans and maintained that Alias was useful, despite his strange ways, and he clearly loved his people.

801 PL: Caged

Alias was out to sea, far from land with his tribe-kin Alveen, Hoheepa and Bovah. They were caught in a storm, overcome with a magic cloud and press-ganged aboard a Kalanese slave-ship. The elves were hostile and uncaring, Alias and his brothers were poorly treated.

Weeks and months passed and the elves sailed further and further from Anaru. Alias’s ability to pray to Shoshanna for fresh water and food to share with his fellow slaves made him a natural leader beneath the hull. When the elves ran out of water themselves, Alias was treated with distrust by captor and slave alike, as he prayed for water to aid his slavers.

Hoheepa was killed when a second elven vessel attacked theirs and tried to steal the slaves. Alias was below decks and uninvolved in the melee, but after the attack was repelled he offered his help healing wounded slavers. This act gained him a measure of trust from his captors and he was given free reign of the ship. A trustee among slaves.

Alias spent five months without sight of land, with a foreign crew of elven pirates, aiding and serving his enemy in the name of Shoshanna. He began to learn their language and a little of their ways and they seemed to enjoy his gift for speaking. They listened to his sermons.

One day they were met at sea by another ship bearing the same flag. Slaves were exchanged and Alveen and Bovah were transferred to the new ship against Alias’ protests. It was a grim reminder to Alias about the realities of his position among the pirates. He has never seen his kin since and he has regretted not fighting for them ever since.

Soon after that time they finally sighted land. Alias set foot upon the shores of Farid. Many of the pirates came with him and they traveled to the mouth of a great bay. It lead to a river of pure water and the group hiked upstream. Alias was thrilled to be off the endlessly blue ocean. It seemed his captors felt the same. Alias encountered the jackal-people of Farid, the sibbecai, for the first time. They seemed noble and they treated him fairly.

One night, Alias simply walked away. He still enjoyed a larger measure of trust than the other slaves, and on the pretense of gathering herbs he entered the treeline and kept walking. Alias did not look back. He kept walking for many hours. Eventually Alias came to the desert, where even the slavers would not follow.

Alias had come to a place that was pure. It had yet to see the truth. The prophet would bring the truth to all those who will listen.

800 PL: Genesis (Season One)

Alias was a major player throughout Seasons One, Two and into Season Three. His adventures, listed below, can be read in the Adventure Log.

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Alias Akila, the Prophet of Shoshanna

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