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Genesis. Season Two

The Scorpion Guy

Alias and Quin were assigned to Templar-Captain Rafiq, who was in command of some thirty Yhakkoth soldiers. Thanks to Quin’s clever scrying they now knew the location of the oasis when the ghul warband was gathering under the command of the unknown magic-user.

The group left Yhakkoth at dusk and made good use of the cool night to travel quickly eastward across the desert. They arrived at the oasis in the hours just before dawn. The ghuls were gathered around the shores of the small oasis, grotesquely finishing off their latest meal of sibeccai. A cave was clearly visible in the rocks behind the pool.

Templar-Captain Rafiq and Quinvera led the soldiers in a full frontal assault upon the undead. They were heavily outnumbered, and the ghuls deadly talons made them formidable foes but under Templar-Captain Rafiq’s leadership and bolstered by the heroism and skill of the mage-blade, the defenders of Yhakkoth quickly took their toll upon the ghuls.

Alias transformed himself into a scorpion, and unseen by any hurriedly scuttled into the cave. Once inside the cavern, the shapeshifted druid found the evil magic-user upon his throne of skulls. The kidnapped women were imprisoned in a bone-lattice cage, and an awful magical blood fountain, nested within a series of copper bowls dominated the cavern. The necromancer was flanked by several ghasts and was in the process of bolstering himself and his bodyguards with a serious of deadly spells.

Alias was able to prevent the necromancer from completing his spells by harrying him, unseen, with his own whispered prayers. The druid scuttled about the chamber, a scorpion barely an inch long, praying to Shoshanna and summoning yet more and more scorpions. The stinging tails were enough to spoil the necromancers spells, and more than enough to keep him occupied until Templar-Captain Rafiq and Quin had driven the ghul warband back into the desert.

The Templar-Captain and the mage-blade, and their surviving soldiers stormed the cavern and slew the ghasts and their cruel master. Alias finally transformed himself back into his human form, scorpions falling from his beard and tangled in his dread-locks. The Prophet of Shoshanna used his divine magic to destroy the fountain of blood – the source of the illusionary magic that had been used to disguise the ghuls as living men, and to bind them to the necromancer’s will in the first instance.

The threat to the city was averted; the Merchant Lord’s concubines had been rescued, shaken but unharmed and political disaster was likewise avoided. Quinvera escorted the women back to the city and delivered them to the Merchant Lord who was very grateful.

Alias chose to remain at the oasis cave. For reasons he could not entirely explain, his call to the scorpions had been much more effective than he would have expected. Literally hundreds of the insects now swarmed the sands and rocks around the oasis. The druid remained with them, spending more time among them as one of them, than he did as a human – and there he remained for weeks; literally at one with nature in one of the harshest deserts on the planet.

The Scorpion Guy
Adapted by Ian Hewitt from the adventure Oasis of the Blood Moon by Jeff Grub

Alias, Prophet of Anaru (Doug Harris)
Quinvera the Tall (Donna Hewitt)

Game Master (Ian Hewitt)
Played at the tabletop in Laramie, Wyoming
Winter 2009



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