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Genesis. Season Two

The Sirocco

Some weeks after the Heroes of Yhakkoth had prevented the ghul warband from attacking the city, they received a summons from Merchant-Lord Summonel. Negotiations with Kin-Yhakkor, the City-God were completed and the Merchant-Lord was finally ready to open the new trade routes between the capital Ishtaduk and provincial Yhakkoth.

But, one obstacle remained in their way. A Royal Airship, called The Princess Parizade, thought lost with all hands in desert years ago had reappeared under the command of a band of pirates. These pirates had already attacked Muan Oasis, home to Quinvera and Uncle Kahaal, and robbed Alias’ friend Arishka the Trader of all his goods and profits. They were now threatening the trade routes, swooping out of the desert sun to ambush caravan trains and sandships. The Princess Parizade is said to be the fastest, sleekest and most desirable of all such magical vessels.

Airships are uncommon in Farid, but the Royal Fey each have their flying flagships and the most powerful Merchant Houses have several between them. Much more common are sand-ships, magical ships that hover and glide across the dunes on flat-bottomed hulls but that cannot achieve true flight.

Merchant-Lord Summonel, grateful for the help the Heroes had given him in rescuing his concubines from the clutches of the necromancer turns to them for help. The Merchant-Lord had petitioned the City Gods for aid, and a naval sandship, The Sirocco, was being sent out against the pirates. Merchant-Lord Summonel requested Alias and Quin – as Heroes of Yhakkoth – to accompany the soldiers and ensure that the pirate was stopped.

After the meeting was concluded, and the Heroes had agreed to help, the Merchant Captain pulled Quin aside for a private conversation.

“A thousand thank you’s beautiful Quinvera the Tall.” He kissed her hand and smiled. “Thank you for agreeing to kill the pirate-genie. He is a fearsome enemy but there can surely be none fearsome enough to stand against your sword and your sorcery.”

“There is just one more thing. The ship that he has somehow gained control of, the Princess Parizade… If the ship were returned to us, we would become the most powerful Merchant Company in all of Farid, perhaps in the world.”

“Slay the pirates, mighty Quinvera. And then return that ship to us at Muan Oasis and you can name your own reward. Your heart’s desire will be yours.”

Alias and Quin quickly found themselves on board The Sirocco, under the command of Templar-Captain Rafiq, skimming out across the desert further than they had ever traveled together.

They survived a difficult encounter with a Sand Kraken during a terrible sandstorm before finally catching up with the pirates. There was a suitably epic battle. Quin faced off against the genie-pirate. Alias traded spells with the ship’s sorcerer and her scorpion familiar. The soldiers and pirates bled all over both ship’s decks until, ultimately, the pirates were defeated.

The Sirocco
Adapted by Ian Hewitt from the adventure The Sand Pirates by Clay Fleischer & Wolfgang Baur

Alias, Prophet of Anaru (Doug Harris)
Quinvera the Tall (Donna Hewitt)

Game Master (Ian Hewitt)
Played at the tabletop in Laramie, Wyoming
Spring 2009



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