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Genesis. Season Three

An Incredible Journey (Part Two)

Date: Fear’s Day, 18th Dar 798 P.L. (Mid-afternoon)
Location: The Captain’s Quarters, The Princess Parizade.

Quin was startled when the genie materialized in her room. The half-fairy swordswoman was balanced on one foot, her other leg extended straight out to her side. Her sickle-sword perfectly poised above it. The sudden downward change in the ship’s course had seemingly not affected Quin’s remarkable balance. Quin’s sleep was still being disturbed by those strange dreams – she just couldn’t get rest and so had been spending much time alone – exercising her body as she tried to exorcise her mind of those strange nagging thoughts.

“Don’t you knock?!!” Quin laughed. “I am the Captain, you know!!!”

“One thousand apologies, Captain.” The Princess’ eyes were wide with fear. “There is a ship below us in dire peril. I fear all hands will be lost if we do not intervene. Look, ma’am.”

The Captain’s Quarters were situated in the aft castle on the fifth deck. The suite of rooms boasted banks of windows and balconies on three sides. The two women rushed to the sliding doors and stepped outside onto the deck. Quin had to lean far over the mahogany rails due to the sharp angle of the ship’s descent, but she whistled in amazement when she saw the size of the thing. The swordswoman stepped away from the rail and, heedless of the danger she performed a spinning jump from one side of the balcony to the other and finished with a perfect swish of her sickle blade as she came about launching her sword over the rail. The sword came alive with an arcane life of it’s own and angled downward like a missile, toward the turtle’s massive head.

Captain Quin returned the Master-at-Arm’s salute as she leaned out over the rail; her curved sword flew with an arcane life of it’s own at the turtles’ head. The turtle’s head snapped at the flashing blade and missed. Then the shadow of the airship passed overhead.



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