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Genesis. Season One

The Ark (Part One)

The pulpit pool was revealed to be a fairy gate that led to a damp and dripping cavern lit by phosphorescent fungi. In the center of the cavern a thirty-foot metallic sphere was sunk into the fractured rock of the cavern floor, crevasses extending across the floor and the ceiling alike. In the back of the cave was a permanent structure, a fortified stone building close to the ceiling with a porch and steep steps offering an impressive vantage over the subterranean scene.

Arah was surrounded by a pack of slavering hellish jackals. Above them, a line of korreds clung to the rocks and stalactites in an offensive line. An elderly fairy could be seen across the cavern on the porch of the stone building.

Before barely a word could be spoken a vicious battle erupted. Arah entered a celestial rage and led the fire-breathing jackals against the korred. The korred responded with a deadly volley of hurled rocks before engaging with their clubs and their horns. Several of the jackals and Quin fell prey to the enchanting laughter of the subterranean fey and made difficult work for Arah, Alias and the Templars.

Alias engaged the elderly fey with his magic, blasting her with lightning bolts that ripped from the rock ceiling in a cloud of dust and broken gravel before she quickly fled down the steps and out of sight.

Arah fought a difficult battle against the korred, shored up by her own rage and by Alias’ healing prayers. Quin was confused first by the beguiling laughter, and then by a voice that spoke in her mind, calling for her to attack Arah. The voice, speaking clearly to Quin and only to Quin, insisted that Arah was a Fallen angel and that she had deceived them all.

Before Quin could determine the truth, the korred brought the ceiling down over Arah and the jackals in an avalanche of mud and rocks. The fairy woman hurled a magic blast of jagged metal at them, before fleeing into the otherworldly metallic sphere in the center of the cavern.

Arah was enraged by the fairy’s escape and would brook no delay in pursing her into the strange sphere. Alias cautioned against rushing into the unknown and for the first time a wedge was driven between angel and druid.

Quin stood silent as Alias relinquished Arah from any debt or service she owed him and told the angel to go, if she would go. Arah did, she took the remaining hellish jackals and charged headlong into the circular tunnel that spiraled down into the sphere.

Alias and Quin turned to the stone building and searched it thoroughly. They identified the fairy woman as the witch Rhea. It has been her tower in which Quin’s great-great-great-great-grandmother had sheltered from the comet on the Night The Sky Fell; the same Rhea who had disappeared that same night, two-hundred years ago, but who had left behind her journal and her spellbook: The Book of Stars.

Quin also found letters from Uncle Kahaal, from whom the Book of Stars had been stolen, the letters clearly showed that he trusted and confided in Rhea. Bolstered by her findings Quin explained to Alias what the voice had said about Arah; that she was a Fallen Angel, a deceiver who was manipulating the Prophet to her own ends.

The news jarred Alias to his spiritual foundation. He could not, and would not believe what he was told, but numb from the news he thanked Quin and expressed a need to speak with Arah immediately.

The Ark
Written by Ian Hewitt

Alias, Prophet of Anaru (Doug Harris)
Arah (NPC)
Quinvera the Tall (Donna Hewitt)

Game Master (Ian Hewitt)
Played at the tabletop in Laramie, Wyoming
Summer 2008



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